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Ender’s Game – The Graphic Novel

While Holly re-read the book Ender’s Game before seeing the movie, I took the opportunity to read the short comic series they did of the story a few years back; I found it on the ComiXology App. It was a fast and fun read, so first and foremost, I wanted to do a review of the comic for you.

This is labeled as Actual Ender's Game. Don't remember seeing that with the movie...

This is labeled as Actual Ender’s Game. Don’t remember seeing that with the movie…

But then, with seeing the movie, consider this also a LitFlix of the Ender’s Game comic as compared to the movie. Reviews are coming back very mixed for this film, but the graphic novel is new enough I thought it might provide a different perspective, so I will share that with you.

You can read Holly’s review here. But for now, my thoughts on Ender’s Game: Battle School and Command School. Spoilers to come for the Ender’s Game story in all sorts of media!

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