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Life is Strange, and so is the Game

It’s been a long time since I received a game as a present that I didn’t specifically request. It’s been longer since I received a game with the warning, “this may be a bit disturbing to you, but I think you’ll enjoy it.” Looking back, there isn’t a truer description of the episodic adventure time-travel game, Life is Strange (made by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix).

Life is Strange takes place on the Pacific Northwest over the course of one week in October. Max Caulfield, an 18 year-old student at prestigious Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, is visited by a vision of a horrifying storm destroying the bay. When she awakens from the vision, she is in her photography class listening to a lecture. She rushes to the bathroom to recover from the horrible vision, but instead discovers that she has the ability to rewind time when she stops a fellow classmate from shooting a girl in the bathroom. That girl ends up being Max’s former best friend whom she hasn’t seen in five years, and the two quickly reconnect.

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Time Travel and Alternate Universes in Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

This year on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow we have been getting an interesting mix of science fiction in the form of not only time travel, but of alternate universes. On Flash we are dealing with the infinite Earths or alternate universes. Then there is Legends of Tomorrow where the whole point is that they travel through time.

Now both of these shows are supposed to exist in the same universe, but what does it mean if on Legends of Tomorrow they alter the timeline, but at the same time the whole point of alternate universes is that there are infinite possibilities and that all of them exist as their own universe??? So what if – as a time traveller – you alter the current timeline? All that means is that the time stream now connects to one of the alternate universes that already exists…

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Who is Doctor Wells?

On The Flash there has been a lot of twists and turns around who or what is Doctor Wells. The one thing that we know for sure is that there is more to him than he is letting anyone else know. As the story currently stands the show has made us believe that Doctor Wells is the Reverse Flash. We have seen that Doctor Wells is in possession of the Reverse Flash’s yellow suit, but at the same time I still have some doubts. There is the whole time travel aspect and the fact that we have recently found out that Doctor Wells does have super speed, but it is inconsistent. Then there is the fact that we know that there were two speedsters there the night that Barry’s mom was killed. This leads to the question who actually survived that night and which one is most likely Doctor Wells.

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New Game Discovered: Tragedy Looper

Cover to Tragedy Looper Game Box

This weekend David and I participated in and volunteered at a local gaming con where we discovered a brand new game called Tragedy Looper. This is a great one against many deduction game that really gets the idea of what might happen if you looped back in time to try and change what happened. The only thing to remember is that you have one person trying to make sure that certain things do happen. The great thing is that you basically have a lot of different combinations that you can go through to create the whole script for the game. The players of the game are the protagonists of the story trying to influence a cast of characters, who they are also trying to figure out their true role in the story. Is the character just a regular person or are they the killer you need to stop, and you have only so many days and so many loops of those days to solve the mystery and stop the mastermind. Continue reading

Time Travel and Mr. Peabody and Sherman

This weekend David and I went and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which is a heart warming tale of a dog and his boy. The movie was really cute and highlighted the relationship between Peabody and Sherman, but it would not be Peabody and Sherman without time travel. The whole idea of inventing a time machine (called the Way Back) to teach your son about history is fascinating. The time travel that they show in the movie is great in mine opinion and they went to more than one location, which is part of what made it so interesting.

There are a few interesting things about how they decided to look at time travel in this movie. One, is that the things they do in the past seems to not affect the timeline and even seems to be incorporated into how history occurred. Next, is that they only travel to the past and back to their own time. They seem to be only able to move through the past and not into the future. Finally, the one big rule of time travel is that you do not cross your own time stream, which leads to interesting consequences. (Spoilers for Mr. Peabody and Sherman after the jump)

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