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Why We Travel on the TARDIS

Doctor-Who-50thI know that I cannot speak for all Whovians, but I have been thinking a lot of what I love about Doctor Who with the 50th Anniversary Special coming up. One of the big things is the spirit of adventure that traveling on the TARDIS provides. For most of us we cannot just flit around the world on a moment’s notice. We are stuck in our lives and the general day to day grind. Watching the Doctor in the TARDIS gives us the dream of escaping our current situation. We want to run away and have all of time and space laid out as a possibility.  Continue reading

Wanderlust with a Dash of Travel Anxiety

This is not really a geeky post because I cannot think of anything particularly geeky to write while sitting in the airport with noise swelling around me and a woman doing her nails a few seats down in the waiting area. I mean seriously who thinks it is a good idea to paint your nails in an airport waiting area, the smell of that stuff can be potent and potentially bothersome to to others. It is up there with spraying perfume in public spaces, put it on before you leave the house because I do not want to sit next to that on the plane. I digress.

So obviously I am in the middle of traveling and it has been a rushed journey to get here. I am just feeling anxious, because I almost always do before I travel. I think about what if I forgot something important, and what if my luggage does not get there, etc. Then do we have someone taking care of our cats and what if something happens at the house. A thousand different things will travel through my mind. At the same time I love to travel, or at least go to new and interesting places. My anxiety for travel only lasts until I either am on my final leg of a trip or get to my destination. There is a reason that around when I travel I tend to write about traveling because it is all I seem to think about. So in honor of the fact that I am traveling here are my top five places that I have visited and some of the travel stories to get there. Continue reading