Daily Archives: November 16, 2013

The Story Pacific Rim Should Have Told

Recently David and I watched the Cinemasins for Pacific Rim and one of the points that was made is that the movie told the wrong story. We spend so much time to explain how dangerous the Kaiju and then show this one battle with the two brothers. In the end the story they told is of Raleigh a Jaegar pilot who loses his brother during a Kaiju fight and ends up working on building the wall. Then he is called up to help save the world because he is seen as a really good pilot for this one moment. Raleigh shows the general story of what is happening in the world and the audience can kind of connect with the struggle, but his story is tragic at the same time it is a little bland. 

This is where Cinemasins brings up a good point, in that Mako is the better story for us to follow.    (Spoilers for Pacific Rim after the jump.) Continue reading