Dragon Age 2 Help Needed

Hello, Hawke. Hello, Bethany.

Hello, Hawke. Hello, Bethany.

Hi all,

As Holly mentioned here, we have been re-approaching Dragon Age as a series lately. We had really pretty much put it on hiatus after beating it (we even bought Mark of the Assassin and didn’t play it!), but the time is now. So, as I am playing again, I have a dilemma I am facing and I need your help.

If you have played Dragon Age 2 before, please, consider my plea below, and help me with a choice. If you don’t care and are just intrigued and want to help me think it through, help me out. Warning, though, there are definitely spoilers.

It just seemed right to me to make my plea to you in video form; I had to talk it out rather than write it out. Please watch and consider, and comment below!

Photo found on http://www.ea.com/nl/dragon-age-2/images/154b8ceb5101b210VgnVCM2000001165140aRCRD, while the video is all me!


6 responses to “Dragon Age 2 Help Needed

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