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Top 5 Duels in Video Games

The other day in writing my post, I found a blog post about the Top Ten Magic Duels and Spell Battles. Good selection of battles, but only from movies and tv. That got me thinking about some of my favorites, and a lot are from games. So the following is my list of the top five Magic Duels and Spell Battles in Video Games!
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A Character Study of Gretel from Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel: WitchuntersDavid and I went to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters this weekend. Yes, I know that the movie is ridiculous, but we still enjoyed it. There are plenty of reviews of the movie out there my personal favorite being the review on io9, so this is not a review. Instead, I want to do a character study of Gretel, because she is one of the stronger female heroines we have seen in a while – as well as being a female lead who did not need a love interest to complete her story. (SPOILERS for the movie after the jump.) Continue reading

The Hobbit: An Unexpected LitFlix

Before we began the LitFlix project, I had read The Hobbit again in preparation for seeing the movie. I better get my thoughts out now, while the movie is still fresh, and before the sequel begins to loom! Later this year, Holly will be re-reading The Hobbit, and have further thoughts on part 2.

(Note: I wrote this with the thought being you have likely seen An Unexpected Journey, and potentially read the book. Also Lord of the Rings: movies seen and books read.)

When I was reading, I had heard it was going to be a two film endeavor, and in reading the book, I saw a natural break point. Minimal spoilers ahead, methinks! Continue reading

Distilling Dragon Age III from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II

Dragon Age OriginsWith David and I starting to replay Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, we have started having some of the discussions about the games that we had when we originally played them. I could fill up a post or three (or four!) about the good, the bad, and the ugly of both of these games, but instead I want to discuss how each of these stories, and how they were told, brought me to some ideas of what the story would be for Dragon Age III, and how it could affect my appreciation for Dragon Age II. Potential SPOILERS for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II after the jump. Continue reading

Trailer Watch – Epic

There is one movie this year that I am super excited for largely on the basis of its trailer. One trailer that put a movie on my radar, invited me into a new world, and did it all with a phenomenal soundtrack.

That movie trailer was for Epic.

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