I Don’t Know What To Write

It’s finally happened. I don’t know whether to call it writer’s block, or planning malaise, or getting caught planning lots of big posts, or what. But after all this time blogging, I am sitting here really not knowing what I want to write tonight.

I mean, there have been nights where I didn’t have a lot of time to write a post, and something simple has gone up. There have been plenty of times where I haven’t written the post I was planning on – in lieu of writing another post that I’ve had in mind.

So I guess I will share with you what I have been toying with writing, and have ultimately rejected. I guess in some ways this will read as a planning post – about posts I am planning on posting. I write posts like this occasionally, but generally even these are planned. Not so tonight. So… what am I thinking?

Guardians of the Galaxy LitFlix

I need to get this out, I’ve been saying I would, but it’s a lot of small points, and it’s going to be a decent amount of hunting back through 25 comic to find images. Some of the things they decided to include in the movie I was not expecting to see, and so I couldn’t really plan for these or grab good images then!

I maybe should have been working on this post tonight, but I just don’t have the focus for it. I have an outline – the things I want to talk about – now I just need to do it. This post will be up later this week!

Dragon Age

For some reason I had August in my head for Dragon Age Inquisition, and maybe this was an earlier release date at some point. However, it’s definitely an October release now – right around when Borderlands: The PreSequel is coming out as well! Dang it.

Holly’s back playing Dragon Age: Origins, and I still need to beat Dragon Age 2 for a first time – I’m still stuck here I think. I have some thoughts about the series, but Holly does too, and I think she’ll be blogging about it this week. We have other thoughts, and they’ll go up over time here approaching the release date.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who comes back Saturday! I wrote a post about it the other day, and we’ll likely have more Doctor Who content in the days to come. For one, I’d like to do a character study of Clara – but because I just did a Doctor Who post the other day, I didn’t want to do so tonight.

Music Posts

Another thing I am hemming and hawing about is my next music post over on Sourcerer. I said I was going to write about Broken Bells, and I really want to. But I have so much to say that I probably really have two posts worth. So I’m trying to figure out how to break up those two posts!

Shows Coming Back

We’re getting closer to the start date for shows. But not as close as I think, probably. Actually… I don’t know. Let’s do some release dates!

  • September 22 – Gotham
  • September 22 – Sleepy Hollow
  • September 23 – Agents of SHIELD
  • October 2 – Gracepoint
  • October 7 – The Flash
  • October 8 – Arrow
  • October 24 – Constantine
  • January 2015 – Agent Carter

There’s some of the shows I’m looking forward to this coming season. It’s an amazing season for comic book TV shows – we’ll see how many survive to a further season! But… none of those release dates are particularly soon, so really, Doctor Who is what there is to be excited about in the coming month.

One of Our Ongoing Series?

So I suppose that means I maybe should have been planning a series post. A Science Fiction Today post, or a Science Fiction and Religion post, or a Geek 501 post. But those aren’t easy to just suddenly write – they take some planning.

I’ve been wanting and needing to do more with those, as well. I’d like to build a whole page on Geek 501 – make it into more of a primer, pulling from specific posts by us, and maybe more from around the web. I also have so many thoughts for Science Fiction Today that I don’t know what to do with them – it feels like they need more attention, so I am still trying to figure that out.

So instead of all of these things, I wrote none of them tonight. Sorry about that!

How about you? What would you like to see us writing more about in the coming weeks and months? Let us know in the comments below!

5 responses to “I Don’t Know What To Write

  1. Welcome to 95% of the time I spend blogging. My process is mostly me trying to find ways to get myself writing, followed by compulsively deleting draft after draft, until I finally either a) break through it and get something I’m happy with posted or b) get sick of struggling, say “Bugger this for a game of soldiers,” throw together something half cooked and post it anyway.


    • I have a personal blog where that is pretty regularly the case. I have a lot of abandoned posts or post ideas, and a short list of ideas I’m working off of.

      But here on Comparative Geeks, we’ve got post ideas that have grown, right than shrunk, over time. Even the list I gave above is like… (counting…) at least 15 posts here, and 2 music posts on Sourcerer? We actually often include so much in a post that we could break them into two posts.

      It’s just something that having a regular schedule does… we are often posting an edited-once (or not at all!) post, because keeping up with our schedule is more the goal. A lot of our posts end up living on into the future with search engines finding them.

      All this is to say, it feels really weird to have not had an idea of what I could or should write last night. I think I had not been planning anything else because I really need to write that Guardians of the Galaxy post!

      I really do recommend having a regular – and manageable – schedule as a blogger. I work well with deadlines, and that’s what it is – a deadline. It gets you to that place of “it needs to get up.” And we only have so much content here because it’s two of us writing, and an even amount each week as well!


  2. Join the club. Luckily, 99% of writers suffer this same fate. It will make you enjoy the productive periods that much more.


    • I think above I’ve also identified the need for some productivity soon… as we start to prepare for, then watch and review, the new shows all starting up in a couple of weeks’ time! And then new games all coming out in a row, all that.

      I am thinking now is a time to read and prepare. So I got this up, then went and read more Sin City, getting ready for the movie coming out this weekend! Holly was reading too, and she’s getting close to done with the book she’s reading and going to review – The Child Thief by Brom.

      I’d like to do more writing than just the blog here… I’m with you, I think I will thoroughly enjoy a time productively writing some fiction 🙂


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