Daily Archives: February 6, 2013

Learning Curve of Board Games

Arkham Horror As Seen on Tabletop

David and I love to play board games. Not just one type of board game, but all types. We also tend to not play the same game twice in a row. We may repeat the game in a single evening, but over multiple game nights we will often switch up what we are playing and who we are playing with. This change in who is playing and what we are playing has led me to observe that board games have a learning curve based on past experiences or gameplay.

A while ago I read an article where they talked a little about the learning curve of computer games. Specifically about teaching their mom how to play. Things that seemed obvious to the long-time gamer were very foreign to their mother who had never played such games. I would argue that the same can be said of board games.

If you had not grown up playing games, what would it be like as an adult to play a game? And how quickly would you understand the rules of that game? What if you had only played card games, and never played board games like Chutes and Ladders or Trouble? Continue reading