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LitFlix: Warm Bodies

Screenshot from Warm BodiesSo, this past Friday was the opening night of Warm Bodies, our first LitFlix of 2013. Initially the previews leading up to the release date made me think that they had removed some potentially crucial pieces from the book. I still saw how they could have pulled it off in the movie and was interested to see how they did it. Before I saw the movie I read the spoiler-heavy io9 review (http://io9.com/5980780/warm-bodies-is-something-way-better-than-just-romeo-and-juliet-and-zombies) that made me realize that the movie was probably going to be more like the book than I initially thought.

Having now read the book AND watched the movie, I can say they did a pretty good job of sticking to the source material, while still making it understandable in a different medium. There are still quite a few things that were changed in the movie, but I appreciate and can understand why these changes were made. (SPOILERS for both the book and movie Warm Bodies after the jump.) Continue reading


Trailer Watch – Super Bowl Ads

So we thought about watching the Super Bowl. Not, you know, for long, but the thought was there. Sounds like the power went out… is there a contingency plan for selling more million dollar commercials? Anyway…

There were a few movie spots during the Big Game, and we thought we would collect them all here for you to watch them together if you want to reconsider them, or if, you know, you missed them the first time around as well.

Definitely check out Star Trek Into Darkness:

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