Symbols of Our Fandom

There is something amazing about fandoms today and part of that is wearing symbols of our fandom. By wearing a symbol of our fandom we can take a piece of that world and bring it into ours. When we consume the media that holds the world of our fandom we temporarily enter that world wherever that might be. At the same time when we are done consuming we remember the things from that world, but our time in that world is done. These symbols of our fandom help us to stay connected to that world as well as a way to, without speaking, invite others into the world because we can wear a glimpse of that world on our person.

What Symbols?

So when I am talking about symbols of fandom and our ability to wear or bring those symbols with us I want to be clear I am not talking about bringing pictures or larger images that directly reference the world or fandom, but think of it more as a simple image from that fandom that alone contains a whole world of meaning.

When those in the know see the symbol of the rebels from Star Wars it is more than just a symbol of the rebels, but a symbol of rebellion as a whole, and of the power of the people to over throw a dictatorship. The Mockingjay pin from Hunger Games is more than just the pin that was used in the story, but it is a symbol of fighting for survival. These are things that if you do not know anything about the fandom then these symbols would not have the same sort of meaning to you.

Shared Meaning

Part of what these symbols do is an outward sign of a world that you spend time in. It is a way to subtly wear a piece of that world and to see who else is connected to that world. The great thing about symbols is that they are often subtle and can be a way to hide, in plain sight. Not that fandoms need to be hidden, but some of the louder shirts, bags, etc, might not be the best to use in all situations. The symbols can often be incorporated in a way that allows us to carry it with us without being obvious necessarily to everyone else. At the same time someone else who is in the know would be able to see that symbol and immediately understand.

Power of Symbols

Part of the power of symbols is the fact that they are easy to replicate and understand. The symbols of our fandom are not just things or an outline of an image. There is power that we feel when we look at them. It brings us back to a moment or line that connected with us in some way. It connects us to others who are a part of the same fandom even if they are not in the same place as us. In general symbols in our world have a lot of power, but symbols of our fandom connects our dreams and fantasies to the real world. These worlds that we spend time in give us hope and these symbols are a reflection of that hope.

What are some of your favorite fandom symbols?

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