Do They Know It? And Do You?

We’ve been catching up on things and getting life sorted back out now that we’re back from traveling, and some of that has included catching up on our YouTube Channels. Many of them were on hiatus while we were traveling, but some just keep chugging along. One of these is the Fine Brothers’ React channel.

We’ve mentioned the React channel before, and in many ways I think it’s ended up with more of the shows we end up watching from them than their main channel – all the various “X Reacts” shows (on the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel) are great, but we tend to only watch ones where we know what they are reacting to. But there are whole series on the React channel where we watch every one.

So here’s another of those: the “Do they know it?” videos, where they take a group and see if they recognize pop culture. Generally, it’s the youngin’s and they make us feel old by not knowing 80’s culture, or worse, not knowing 90’s culture.

It wasn’t that long ago, right?

Bonus: they also do shows with their staff now, most of which are guessing challenges. We love these – they get progressively more of a song or movie and try to guess what it is. And we’re at home just guessing along trying to beat them. They give you a chance, with how they edit the video – they show the people getting it wrong generally before they show the people getting it right. Can you do better than they do?


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