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Symbols of Our Fandom

There is something amazing about fandoms today and part of that is wearing symbols of our fandom. By wearing a symbol of our fandom we can take a piece of that world and bring it into ours. When we consume the media that holds the world of our fandom we temporarily enter that world wherever that might be. At the same time when we are done consuming we remember the things from that world, but our time in that world is done. These symbols of our fandom help us to stay connected to that world as well as a way to, without speaking, invite others into the world because we can wear a glimpse of that world on our person.

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Cycles of Movie Ideas

Something that is interesting to notice is that it seems that movie ideas can come in cycles. Some cycles last longer than others, but they do not last forever. This concept stems from the fact that it seems that over certain time periods you will see almost the exact same concept show up in a bunch of different movies from different studios. Often you will see one or two that stand out and then the others will have fallen flat. Depending on how well the good ones do the cycle might last years or just a year.

Part of what happens during these cycles is that after watching the trailers it feels like it is all various levels of the same movie. Why do some of these cycles last longer than others? Why do the cycles seem to happen in the first place?

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Litflix Delayed: MockingJay Part II

So life has been crazy and I have been dealing with some other things lately, which I am planning to talk about in more detail tomorrow. Suffice it to say I have not been writing as much as I want or should be, thus no Litflix for Mockingjay Part 2 until now.

It is really interesting try to compare one whole movie to half a book. Honestly part of the problem I had with Mockingjay Part 1 is that it is not the whole story. The first part is all about Katniss coming to grips with being the symbol of the revolution and what that means. Dealing with the after effects of watching people dying around her when she thinks she is the one who really should be dead. The second part is about a plan of action. It is the culmination of all the turmoil that has been happening leading to the final confrontation. It means that in this movie we get a lot more of the action happening. Now this does follow along with the book, but the pacing between a movie and book function very differently. Continue reading

LitFlix: Mockingjay Part I

David and I got to see Mockingjay Part I when we were in Australia. We enjoyed it, but it does feel a bit like a step between movies. The movie itself is good and is a faithful adaptation of the book. At the same time if I judged it as a stand alone movie, I do not know how well it really holds up. It continues the story of Katniss and the Districts, but does not necessarily tell its own story. This does make sense since they split the story into two parts, but I feel like it does not make sense to split the story unless you really have two stories to tell. At the same time by splitting the story they were able to include a lot more details from the book than if they had kept it as one movie. There was an interesting balance, but at the same time I did enjoy the continuation of the story and the performances by all the actors were phenomenal. The movie itself, such as in the book really deals with the after effects on the characters of what occurred in the previous movies. This does not move the story forward, but does give us a great character study to explore. (Spoilers for Mockingjay after the jump.) Continue reading

Misuse of Popular Culture or Wow Really?!

Poster for Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for volunteers

Poster for Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for volunteers

David showed me an interesting ad today and it got me thinking about how businesses will try and tap into something’s popularity even if they do not actually understand the underlying meaning of the media. In this specific ad Big Brothers / Big Sisters is using Katniss Everdeen to say that you should volunteer to be a big brother or big sister. They even used the scene where Katniss says “I volunteer!” as the image. It seems obvious that they understand that The Hunger Games is a hugely popular franchise and that there is a sisterly dynamic, but are completely missing the point.

I have not necessarily seen this sort of thing happen too many times, but I can understand why it happens. Why not use an already popular franchise to draw people in to your business or non-profit? It taps in to a market that already exists so that you can build off of an existing fan base instead of having to build from scratch. When you do not use the media appropriately it can come off as insulting and lazy. Continue reading