Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

David’s Looking Forward 2017

Yesterday you got Holly’s list of things she’s excited for this year, and well… It’s a good list. In many ways, I could just say “same list!” And call it good. Instead, let me list some of what I’m excited for on top of that. Some of it is coming new this year, and some of it is things that I hope to get to this year!


Holly covered all the excellent-looking superhero movies coming this year, and that’s just a staple for the next few years. But there are a few other properties that are coming to the screen or are returning to the screen this year that I’m excited for.

Iris Elba Gunslinger

I’m sad that it got delayed, but I’m hoping that it leads to a better movie… Idris Elba in The Dark Tower looks great! It was almost the next movie I was looking forward to, but now it’s way later in the year… Meanwhile, the live action Ghost in the Shell could be good if they can overcome the problems of its whitewashing.

For returning properties, there’s a couple that are super surprising to be coming back – but I’m so happy they are. Blade Runner 2049 looks good with the trailer they’ve dropped – and it reminds me how much Deus Ex owes to that movie in terms of aesthetics! And then, Incredibles 2. No idea what it’ll be about or what it’ll be like after all this time, but I don’t even care. I’ll be there to see it.

And then, sure, it’s a year away pretty much at this point, but Episode VIII… Get the tissues ready.

TV Shows

Near term, I’m excited for the return of iZombie, even with rumors that it could be the last seasons – if it is, I hope they close the story out. And the shows Holly mentioned… But there’s one other thing.

Now that we have unlimited data, we can finally catch up on or finish a number of shows where we’ve bought the season pass on iTunes (since we’d dropped cable), but then never had the data to completely download or watch. I’m hoping to finish Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Broadchurch this year!

And thinking of shows, I’m planning on reading the Iron Fist series by Fraction and Aja, of Hawkeye fame – before the show. Other than that, I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll be reading this year…

Video Games

There are several in the works that seem good, but as Holly said, there are several that we just don’t know about a release date for (kind of like books…). Andromeda is supposed to be soon, and though I was tempted to think I was done with the Mass Effect series, but this game looks great. They’ve successfully changed up and distanced themselves from the first trilogy, and it looks good.

However, we have quite a few that we’ve bought and not gotten to play much yet. I’m looking forward to diving into Dishonored 2 (just want to finish Deus Ex first!). And Holly and I will be playing Lego Avengers too!

Also, I may have picked up Xcom again over the holidays… And I definitely think I’ll be getting Xcom 2 sometime this year with the price lower…

There are a number of other things that I hope come to pass this year, but they’re not set yet so I’ll probably talk about them later. Don’t want to jinx it, you know? Media is nice with the release dates and advance notice so they can advertise, all that.

So how about you – what are you looking forward to this year? New? Old? Let me know in the comments below!