Even More Trailers!

Sorry, the Geek Baby has been sick for a while now, and the last few days have been especially hard. Have been falling behind on things in general.

Luckily, with the Christmas slate of movies (read: Star Wars), lots of big-name movie trailers for 2016 have been hitting. Julia shared Apocalypse the other day, which was good for some nostalgia feels. But even better? How about Independence Day.

That looks good. I like that direction – post-alien attack, we build up using their tech, and expecting their return. Then “Round 2, Fight!”

One more trailer after the break!


I had forgotten about this a bit! Also, didn’t think it would be this soon anyway… though I guess it will have been 3 years.

Also did not fail to notice it’s just J.J. Abrams producing – he’s a little busy right now (read: Star Wars)…

How about you – what movie next year are you most excited for? And any trailers you’re still waiting for? Let us know in the comments below!

2 responses to “Even More Trailers!

  1. I guess we could add like Ninja Turtles… looks better than the first? Or Fantastic Beasts… which is far more of a teaser:


  2. Excellent thoughts – nice to read some genuinely well written stuff on here. I wrote something yesterday on some recent trailers; would love to know what you think:



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