Happy Friday: X-Men Apocalypse First Official Trailer

As CompGeek Siblings, David and I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons together, especially X-Men. Personally I’ve been incredibly happy with the First Class movies (more so than I was with the first trilogy; as much as I love some of the actors, the second two movies fell a bit flat for me) and so I was really excited to see the first trailer for Apocalypse. The first two movies were fantastically done, and some of the new faces in this one have me super stoked (Sophie Turner as Jean Grey? Olivia Munn as Psylocke? Eeee!) I can’t wait for this to come out!

Thoughts? Are you as excited for this upcoming X-Men film?


4 responses to “Happy Friday: X-Men Apocalypse First Official Trailer

  1. My daughter is quite the Jennifer Lawrence fan, and it all started with us taking her to see X-Men First Class. I’m sure she’ll be delighted with this.

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  2. This trailer’s pretty epic, let’s hope the movie lives up to the hype. Can’t wait!


  3. Finally watched it! Glad they got something out, to remind us of one of the first of all the comic movies for next year to have actually been confirmed! It’s been known so long that things like Civil War and Batman vs. Superman and Deadpool have overshadowed it… but it has a chance to be the better movie. We shall see!


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