Daily Archives: December 1, 2015

Verdict: Supergirl

David and I had wanted to watch Supergirl, but when we dropped cable we no longer had access to CBS. While visiting my grandma we were able to watch the show from the beginning to see if it would be worth it just to get it on iTunes. We watched the first two episodes and are already hooked – we bought the season pass on iTunes. I never really knew the origin to Supergirl so I do not know how accurate the show’s storytelling is in terms of the comics, but I like the story that the show presents.

The show, so far, has done a lot of things really well. I really like that the show is exploring what it means to become a hero and how to define yourself. The big thing though is that they are doing a female superhero right. If you have not started watching this show I recommend that you do.

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