Whose Grave is it on Arrow Season 4?

At the very beginning of season four of Arrow we see Oliver Queen standing in front of a grave stone with Barry Allen coming up and saying that he was sorry he missed it. At the beginning of the season they told us that the scene happened 6 months in the future. At this point in the show we are about at the point where we should be seeing whose grave it is. At the very beginning we were wondering if it was Felicity, but as the season has gone on that does not seem like the right answer. So here are some of my reactions and thoughts about who they are going to “kill” this season on Arrow. (Spoilers for current season of Arrow after the jump.)

What We Know So Far

Really there is not much that we have learned so far. We know that they are at a funeral for someone and Oliver is left behind to pay his respects to whomever it is. Barry shows up in a sign of support of Oliver and Team Arrow, but does not show up to the funeral due to dealing with his own problems with Zoom. Now this might point to the fact that it is someone that Barry himself is not that close to. The third thing that we have already seen is that when Oliver walks away from the grave site and gets into a car Felicity is there waiting for him. She has an extremely strong reaction to the death saying that Damien Darhk needs to die. One other point is that Darhk has recently lost his magic and therefore is most likely not killing someone with mystical powers.

A Main Character

Now there is some thought that they will kill off one of the main characters. We know it is not Felicity, but it could be Thea, Laurel, or Diggle. Now I know that they could still kill one of them, but I think I would be at least a little pissed if they did. They have spent a lot of time and effort bringing this team together and if they just killed one of them off at this point it would feel at least a little bit like a waste. For at least a couple of the characters it would also feel a little repetitive from things that have already happened to their characters.

A Side Character

Now here the options get a lot more interesting because there are a lot of choices to go off of. Detective Lance, Felicity’s Mom, or Curtis are all characters that have shown up repeatedly on the show and who would have a strong impact if they were killed. Any one of these characters could put at least one of the Team Arrow group through an emotional journey and show that Darhk might be down, but is not out. Detective Lance is high on the list because Darhk has already been gunning for him for being a double agent. Felicity’s Mom could be an interesting choice as almost a collateral damage sort of concept since she has been around a lot more this season than others. The introduction of Felicity’s father also brings to question whether that relationship is going to be brought to light a bit more. Then there is Curtis the scientist who has given Felicity her legs back and has been a huge support to her in her business enterprise.

A lot of these characters provide something interesting to be explored and while heartbreaking would keep the core team what it is.

Less Seen Character

Now another possibility is that it ends up being someone who has not been seen as much in general or who is a complete unknown. The only couple of people that I can think of who this might relate to are Roy and Oliver’s son, both of whom seem pretty unlikely. Now Roy would be devastating if something happened to him and they have brought him back recently to remind us that he exists, but it still just does not seem quite plausible. Then there is Oliver’s son Ben, but the way that storyline ended we have no idea where he is, so I don’t know how he would even know that he is dead. The thought of it being someone who we know nothing about just seems extremely unlikely.

I will be curious to see what events lead to the death and whose it is. For a while I wondered if it was a hoax, but after seeing Felicity in the car that thought just does not seem to hold water. They seem to actually be killing someone this season and possibly even allowing them to stay dead.

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