Life, With Rush Lyrics

This is a bit later than we like to be finishing up our week of blogging. I had the idea for this all the other day… but have been busy. Happily, I got it together! As I’ve said before, I really like Rush, and listening to the 40th Anniversary Tour (R40) album on Apple Music, I thought of these.

So here are some things from our life lately, in pictures and with lyrics by Rush.

Work, Work, Working Man

Yep, back at work… I’m the “Working Man.”

Xanadu - The Hybrid

Oh man, that Doctor Who finale…

Yeah, we've been plying a lot of Fallout 4...

Yeah, we’ve been plying a lot of Fallout 4…

4 responses to “Life, With Rush Lyrics

  1. Oh, this gave me a good laugh!

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  2. This was funny so I’ll forgive you for buying an X-Box.

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