Favorite Final Fantasy Heroes

Final Fantasy LogoThere are so many Final Fantasy games and in all of those games there are so many heroes. Even with so many heroes there have always been those that stand out. Some of the stories are good as a whole, but then you will sometimes have one character that stands out. Either it is an action they performed or the abilities that they are granted that make them stand out. They are not necessarily the strongest characters, but they do have to have a unique aspect that makes them stand out from the group. Starting out Final Fantasy just had the generic fighter, white mage, rogue, black mage, red mage, etc, but as time went on each of the heroes had a personality and a specialty that separated them out from each other. So here are my favorites of all the heroes that Final Fantasy has introduced over the years.

Shadow, Final Fantasy IV


Shadow appears in Final Fantasy VI and is dressed as a ninja with a dog named Interceptor. He comes and goes as he pleases, often at the most inopportune times. At the same time the mystery of him adds to what makes him so interesting. He is also so great to use in battles, but you do not want to rely on him because he is not always there.


Cid Highwind Final Fantasy VII

Now there are a lot of Cids in the Final Fantasy games and they all hold a dear place in my heart. At the same time one of my favorites is Cid Highwind. He is a great combination of airship builder and fighter. Cid Highwind is a little bit more crude than some of the other versions, but I think that is part of what I love about him. He curses like a sailor, but is just a great character to have in the party.

Auron, Final Fantasy X


I will be the first to admit that Final Fantasy X has some problems, one of which is that Tidus is really not that interesting of a character. At the same time you have one of the greatest characters in all of Final Fantasy, which is Auron. He came back from the dead, always wears sunglasses and uses one of the coolest swords ever. The best parties had Auron in them during the battle because he is an all around bad ass.


Snow, Final Fantasy XIIII really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII even though the beginning is a little bit of tunnel vision. One of the best characters in the game is Snow. He is arrogant and full of himself, but he is just trying to do what he thinks is right. He has a bit of a bad boy thing going on, but is a Robin Hood at heart. He leads a team fighting against the injustices he sees in the world. His stubbornness gets him in scraps, but he tends to be able to punch his way out of them.


Now who doesn’t love a pirate and a sky pirate at that. Balthier has swagger and grace, as well as decent fighter. The great thing about Balthier definitely was the dialogue and voice acting. He just had a lovable arrogance about him that made you fall in love with him. It is probably the bad boy thing, but I really don’t care he is fabulous.

Final Fantasy VII, Cait Sith

Cait Sith

I love Cait Sith. He is such a weird little robot character, but he is so cute. It is a plush remote controlled cat with a cape, crown, and trumpet riding a large mechanical moogle. He is so endearing and it is a little sad that he is just a robot, but he is so much fun to have around.


Vivi, Final Fantasy IX

This might be my absolute favorite character. Vivi is an amazing black mage, for starters, but he actually has a really compelling story. The greatest part about him is he seems so lost, but in the end he is actually an amazing black mage (possibly one of the best). At the same time he has such a sweetness to him and you just want to know more about him.

So who are your favorite Final Fantasy heroes?

*Photo credit: all photos from http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/

2 responses to “Favorite Final Fantasy Heroes

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  2. My favorites are probably Cloud and Vincent, though I’m happy to see Vivi made the list.


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