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Firefly Fluxx

Firefly Fluxx
David and I recently found the game Firefly Fluxx and it is just as much fun as one might expect. If you have played any version of Fluxx then you understand the basic mechanics of the game. Part of what is so wonderful about all the versions is the fact that you can just pick it up at any time.

The great part about playing the version based off of Firefly is all of the inside jokes and references. One of the little extra details that is great about the Firefly version is also the fact that there are quite a few ways to steal Keepers from each other; Wash gets Serenity, Zoe gets Wash, Simon gets River, etc. So since there is not much extra to talk about with the game here are some of my favorite cards from Firefly Fluxx. Continue reading


Favorite Doctor Who? Blink, Moffat, and graphs! Part 1

It’s that time again: we have Doctor Who on the brain. The new season starts in a couple of weeks, and that got me thinking back to a recent article on the Mary Sue about one of our favorite episodes, Blink. And about how Steven Moffat doesn’t know why it’s such a fan favorite episode.

So I want to approach this from a couple angles. This week is about Blink and why it stands out as a favorite. And I have graphs! It goes to the heart of selecting a favorite episode of a TV show in general.

The second angle is about the Mary Sue’s question about Moffat being able to repeat said success now that he’s showrunner. As Holly wrote a while back, once we started paying attention to the showrunner and writing credits – and saw which episodes Moffat had written – we knew exactly why he was the new showrunner. And I do see him repeating himself, trying to perfect some of his concepts – so that’ll be some deeper Doctor Who exploration next time!
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Favorite Final Fantasy Villains

Meteor_Logo_ArtYesterday Holly did a list of some of our favorite Final Fantasy Heroes. And while the heroes get the most airtime, for sure – you control them, after all, throughout what is generally 60+ hours – the villains are a major part as well. Though there is often an underlying order-vs-chaos sort of story going on, and many of the earlier bosses were just personified Chaos (and they certainly play this up in the Dissidia games), many of the villains have their own life and story and are interesting in their own right. So here are my favorites of the villains from the Final Fantasy series!

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Favorite Final Fantasy Heroes

Final Fantasy LogoThere are so many Final Fantasy games and in all of those games there are so many heroes. Even with so many heroes there have always been those that stand out. Some of the stories are good as a whole, but then you will sometimes have one character that stands out. Either it is an action they performed or the abilities that they are granted that make them stand out. They are not necessarily the strongest characters, but they do have to have a unique aspect that makes them stand out from the group. Starting out Final Fantasy just had the generic fighter, white mage, rogue, black mage, red mage, etc, but as time went on each of the heroes had a personality and a specialty that separated them out from each other. So here are my favorites of all the heroes that Final Fantasy has introduced over the years. Continue reading

My Favorite Moments from Disneyland

So for this recent trip we ended up going to Disneyland for two days. Well actually we went to California Adventure one day and Disneyland the second day. I love Disneyland. I grew up watching Mickey Mouse and going to Disneyland. The cost is pretty ridiculous now a days, which is so sad. It is such a fun place to go, but the price just keeps going up. At the same time I still love it. Some of it is the nostalgia and the other part is the innovation. There are rides that have not changed much in twenty years and then there are new rides that come up with whole new ideas. So following are some of my favorite things from this most recent Disneyland trip. Continue reading