Daily Archives: January 18, 2014

Legal Problems and Advances in Technology

Something that I often think about in the technology field is that laws never seem to be able to keep pace with the changes in technology. Often in the news we read about problems arising because either actions taken online or how someone used a new piece of technology. We have had cell phones for how long and only recently has there been laws about talking on the phone or texting while driving. We are continually adding various screens to help us navigate or find resources nearby, but laws start not wanting us looking at screens. How do we deal with more screens in the car or flashier billboards that might be considered distracting?

Then there is the use of online presences and communications. We know how to deal with harassment in person, but what about online. There have been cases where people have been bullied online and we tend to not treat it as harshly as in person harassment. Then there is jurisdictional issues that will always be problematic. Do we charge based on where someone is acting from or the space where the servers are housed? Or if the company is based in another country and operates mostly to people in the United States and it is illegal one place, but not another how do you handle it. Continue reading