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Lifetime of a Meme or Cultural Relic

Han Shot First t-shirt design from http://www.tshirtbordello.com

Han Shot First t-shirt design from http://www.tshirtbordello.com

A comment from a coworker got me thinking about the lifetime of shared cultural experiences. We have all had that experience where a someone, a friend, a coworker, a person we start up a conversation with makes a comment or quote and follows it by some qualifier that “I guess I am showing my age with that one” or something similar. Sometimes it is a reference to an old tv show or movie that only people of that generation recognize. Then there are references that people recognize even if they have never seen the media that is being referenced. It makes me think about what sorts of phrases or media from my experience will survive and which ones will turn into odd references that most people do not understand.

Now some of these items turn in to memes that might just live on forever, but even those might have a shelf life. Some of them are just simply movie quotes that people have repeated over and over again. At the same time which ones will live on and will they live on in the way that we remember them? Continue reading