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Re-Playing Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X : X-2 HD for PS3David and I bought the Final Fantasy X / X-2 in HD and I started playing it recently. I really wanted to play Final Fantasy X-2 because I had started it once, but David talks about how good it is and it looks interesting. So I decided to replay through Final Fantasy X first to get back in to the story.

I have to say it looks gorgeous, but I remember it looking gorgeous before so I do not know how much of a difference it makes. At the same time it has been interesting playing through the game again. I am remembering the things that I love about it and some of the things that annoyed me about it, which has been fun going through again.

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Y is for Yuna

YDavid and I both enjoyed Final Fantasy X. The story is fantastic and it is the game that introduced the world to Auron one of the best characters. Now the biggest problem with the game and the story it told is that it focused on the wrong character. Tidus was such a boring character and seemed really superfluous to the story in some ways. Yuna on the other hand was a woman on a mission and everything that was happening revolved around her journey and mission. It just seemed so odd to have the focus of the game be Tidus and he was kind of an annoying character. Yuna is this amazing character who believes that it is her calling to take down Sin and save the world. She is fearless, loyal, and sometimes believes in people a bit too much. Continue reading

Favorite Final Fantasy Heroes

Final Fantasy LogoThere are so many Final Fantasy games and in all of those games there are so many heroes. Even with so many heroes there have always been those that stand out. Some of the stories are good as a whole, but then you will sometimes have one character that stands out. Either it is an action they performed or the abilities that they are granted that make them stand out. They are not necessarily the strongest characters, but they do have to have a unique aspect that makes them stand out from the group. Starting out Final Fantasy just had the generic fighter, white mage, rogue, black mage, red mage, etc, but as time went on each of the heroes had a personality and a specialty that separated them out from each other. So here are my favorites of all the heroes that Final Fantasy has introduced over the years. Continue reading