Daily Archives: June 7, 2017


Doing some magnetizing!

So I totally had this one planned, and then apparently my phone failed to take/save the first picture… oh well. Suffice to say, I was trying to do something new in my hobby work with my Trollbloods!

Here’s the Bomber model that my friend Chad helped put together. It comes in a three-pack of models, with 3 different heads, 3 sets of hands, and 3 forearms even so you can choose which two to go with. Oh, and 2 backs, with three different sets of things to sit on the back. The missing picture would be all sorts of various pieces laid out ready to start assembling!

Of those pieces, the back seemed right out – too tight a fit to be putting on and taking off again regularly. Really, all that needs to be different to represent the three different models it could be are the hands, and the back attachments somewhat. For instance, we can tell this is a Bomber because of the two powder kegs in his hands – easy! On his back is a pygmy troll (Pyg) with a torch, to light them up… on another model (the Blitzer), it’s a machine gun with a Pyg gunner on the back.

Chad had said the magnetizing on this one was pretty easy for the hands, because there was enough spare space in the joints to put the magnets in without having to drill them in to fit. Well, that seemed easy enough, so it was time to give it a try.

It turned out pretty well! We went with a fixed head (glued on) for the first one, so I chose a different head for this second. I also changed the positioning of the arms. Meanwhile, the magnets in the arm sockets did indeed turn out easy enough!

I was worried about how I was going to keep all the polarity going the correct direction, but that turned out to not be a problem. The tiny rare earth magnets used are strong, but the epoxy that I used to hold them in place turns out to be stronger – so I could have the magnets attached (and thus pointed the right way), then use epoxy to attach the pieces to the model, then I could actually separate the magnets. Easier than I could have hoped.

From this point, it’s a work in progress. I got a custom base for the new one to stand on as well, so that’ll be nice. And then it’s time for chucking a lot of explosive barrels.

Bonus picture!

I got started building something of the Circle Orboros models that we picked up for Holly to paint and potentially play a bit of. She likes the idea of the ancient powerful sentient tree, Wurmwood, who also happens to be crazy good to play. Anyway, I got the tree built!

Yeah yeah yeah, pretty easy. It’s past time to get some painting going, but it’ll be nice for Holly to maybe have some to paint too – and it’s been nice to do a bit of hobby work to get me back into the swing of things.