Daily Archives: June 24, 2017

Moving Day!

Today’s a big day for us: we’re moving out! Yes, one of the things we’ve been working on in our life has been selling our home, and buying another. Well, we’ve reached the point where today’s the day to move out.

Hopefully soon we’ll be getting to move in to somewhere else…

We’ve spent the last several months half-moving-out so that the house could be shown, cleaning, ducking out last minute so there could be showings, heading out to see houses ourselves, attending inspections, doing repairs, and more packing and moving now. It’s been an intense 2017!

David getting a librarian position solidified us knowing that we’re staying in town, so it was time to get a bigger space for our family – like a second restroom now that the Geek Baby is showing interest in that!

Sorry that one of the things heavily impacted by this process has been the site here; we’ve kept us posting on a daily basis, but it hasn’t been as quality of posts. Hopefully at some point here we can turn that around!

A big thank you today goes to our family, who are right now helping us move, and who have otherwise helped us a lot through this whole process.