Daily Archives: June 5, 2017

Meme Monday – Covfefe


It’s funny, after a certain point, one of the most common things people were saying was that this cultural moment had already ended. Honestly, that moment had almost come by the time we woke up that morning… This one hit fast, and hit hard, and was all over the Internet. Usually, when you say “meme” you have an image with some text over it in mind (an image macro), but a meme has more to do with being a cultural artifact that we carry on – and I think that convfefe will be just that.

Because as Anderson Cooper notes towards the end: remember how we all still know that Dan Quayle screwed up spelling “potato?”

But still… what does it mean? Is it a substance – I’ve seen coffee suggested a lot. Is it something else?

Is it a proper noun?…

But I’m not sure about that. Although name makes sense, since pretty much any combination of letters work for a name – meanwhile, covfefe is amazing in that it doesn’t seem to have turned out to be a word in any language…

At least, it wasn’t before the president made it a matter of permanent public record…

I mean, it was a tough day to be the dictionary.

However, there’s a visual place that exists between language and understanding: Ikea. Maybe it’s from them?

But it’s probably just a mess up, right? Maybe accidental, maybe deliberate…

I’m sorry, what was that word?

We can hope that it was nothing, right? That all is well otherwise, that this is a meme and a laugh. Because otherwise: