Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

Young Sheldon?

I remember hearing that there was going to be a Sheldon Cooper spinoff show from The Big Bang Theory, and I was like… man, we’ve not caught the last season or two, but where have things gotten to that a spinoff show even makes sense? He’s a character that’s best in support, in interaction and comparison to other characters.

So how do you even make a stand alone Sheldon Cooper show?


It’s interesting how much they’re pushing a vibe that’s not quite the humor of The Big Bang Theory. There’s an emotional undertone they’re going for, at least in this trailer, that makes me wonder if it matches the show.

And like Gotham, will they feel a need to introduce all of the future characters, despite that not making sense?

How long can a show like this go on?

And… could it actually be good?

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