I is for Ianto Jones

IIanto Jones is a great character from Torchwood, partly because he character grows. He starts out as someone trying to stay below the radar with plenty of secrets. He eventually becomes a trustworthy friend, ally, and companion. As he gains more trust he gets more responsibilities and even though he starts as a kind of door man, he eventually is going out on missions with the rest of the team. Besides his work as a member of Torchwood he gets in to a relationship with Captain Jack Harkness and while at first it seems casual it definitely blooms in to something more.

Member of Torchwood

As a member of Torchwood Ianto started out as the errand boy. He watched the door, got the coffee, got the pizza, etc, but was only peripherally attached this secret organization. Pretty quickly we find out that that Ianto is keeping secrets and has really been trying to stay under the radar. When his betrayal is discovered there is a huge blow up, but then he is forgiven because the reason he was doing it was to protect someone he cared about. Then as the show progresses Ianto starts to get more and more responsibility and eventually is a full fledged member of the team. He is someone who is confident and more in control of his life by the third season then he was at the beginning.

Captain Jack Harkness (SPOILERS)

The relationship between Ianto and Captain Jack is truly one of the treasures of the show. There is so much more that could be discussed about this, but I will leave that to others to write about. The thing that I like is that Jack and Ianto start out as a casual thing. It seems to stem from a joint loneliness and a desire for some sort of human companionship. As the show progresses the relationship between Ianto and Captain Jack becomes so much more than casual and they really start to date, but in many ways it is still left undefined. At the same time you can tell that they both really care for and love each other, as well as just make each other happy. As their relationship progresses they become more open about it and it is not something left in the shadows. Now for those who have watched the show you know that this does not last because in an absolutely heart-wrenching moment in the third season on BBC Ianto is killed in Jack’s arms. I remember bawling my eyes out when I watched it because they were so good together. So to end this point I will share something I found on Wikipedia.

“Artistically, Davies felt that the relationship’s unexplored potential maximised the viewer’s sense of grief.” – Wikipedia, Ianto Jones


9 responses to “I is for Ianto Jones

  1. That Davies quote at the end is perfect.

    That relationship really is one of the best parts of the show. It’s so sad and so beautiful at the same time.

    I have no idea how it occurred to you to write this, but I am so glad you did.


  2. Wow! Short and sweet. I agree I really liked their relationship. I never got to watch Torchwood from the beginning but caught it in re-runs on BBC when I had cable. Brits have an amazing ability to create complex relationships on easy-watching television shows. Way better than Americans. haha. Love this. Cheers. PS. Love that you cried when he died! It speaks to the power of the show and relationships!


    • I actually cry pretty easily at things but I love great tragedies because of the emotion they send you through. Torchwood and Doctor Who do a great job of playing with those emotions.


  3. Also, Ianto and Jack were huge breakthroughs for bi male representation, since up until recently, bisexuality in gay men was ignored by researchers and lay folk as well. What I like best is that because because they’re both bi, they can show difference: Jack likes all genders (and species) and is dashing and confident; Ianto has crappy bi/homophobic family and is a little conflicted about his identity and relationship. And both so well written. Wish we could have more characters like them.


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