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TableTop Day 2014 Game Recommendations

Today is the 2nd Annual International TableTop Day! If you’ve not been following our Tumblr, you may have missed our second annual 12 Days of TableTop Day. Fear not! As with last year, I’m going to give you a compiled list of our recommended games from this year!

I’ll include a bit about the game and why we like it, too! A number of these games have apps as well, and this is a great way to get into a number of games on the cheap, or to see if you like them! On to the games!

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E is for Effie Trinket



The Hunger Games series introduces us to a lot of really fun and interesting characters. One of those characters, that I am a fan of, is Effie Trinket. She is interesting because she is not inherently evil, even though she is definitely a cog in the whole Capital system that is the Hunger Games. She at the same time seems incredibly selfish and caring. She is trying to help Peeta and Katniss in every way she can to get sponsors and she does seem to have genuine regard for them. At the same time she never thinks about the fact that they are being sent to their death really. She hopes they don’t die, but some of that I think does come from the fact that as the District 12 Capitol Escort there are some perks to being on the winning team and there has not been a winner from District 12 in a long time. The great thing about Effie is that she is a great contrast of between the Capital and the people in the Districts. District 12, in particular, is very poor and the outlandish outfits that Effie wears stand out as extravagant and indulgent, which are very accurate characteristics of the people in the Capital. (Spoilers for the Hunger Games trilogy after the jump)

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