Daily Archives: April 12, 2014

K is for Kennex

KToday I am going to take a quick look at what we know so far of Detective John Kennex from Almost Human. Almost Human takes place in 2048 where technology has advanced at a pace that the police cannot keep pace. Detective Kennex grew up with the increase in technology and the lack of police and laws cannot keep up with the changes. Due to the lack of man power every officer is assigned a combat ready android as their partner. Kennex is one who does not think that this move is the right one for moving forward and actively tries to thwart being assigned an android. Instead he gets paired with an old model android that was about to be decommissioned due to it behaving, what some would say is erratic and others called human. The pairing of Kennex with an android that is not all logic makes for an interesting repartee between the two of them. Kennex character is particularly interesting. The son of a cop, betrayed by someone he loves, and having to live as part machine for the rest of his life.

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