Getting Started: Dishonored 2!

We got out X-Box One set back up! Which means, it was time to dive back into games. After a few minutes in Mass Effect Andromeda, the long break has me cooled down on the game. Meanwhile, in between while catching up on my X-Box magazine, I read a lot of great reviews of Dishonored 2. Since the game was here and available, I decided to load it up!

Over 50GB later, I could play!

Yeah, it’s kind of like that. I actually am not far enough to have run into the Outsider yet, the supernatural being who provided you with powers in the first game. Which means I’m in the rough starting point of the game, where you’re trying to work your way through a world designed to be played with magic powers. Holly had trouble recently in the early stages of Dishonored, which reminded me that the challenge of not having the abilities was real.

Speaking of challenge… I wrote a review of the first game talking about how the difficulty of the game really had more to do with your personal choice of approach than anything they program in. Apparently, I was not alone in thinking this – you can play on pre-set difficulty levels, or you can customize your own difficulty level. There’s sliders for a huge number of in-game elements, to tweak your challenge. Combined with two protagonists to play the game through with, and this game seems like it has a lot of options for replayability.

However, I’m going with perhaps the most obvious for now. Going with a preset difficulty level (went with Hard), and playing Emily instead of Corvo. And I’m trying for a non-lethal game again, although perhaps I should save that for a Corvo playthrough – since I succeeded at non-lethal with him before, carrying that through to the new game has a nice roleplaying feel to it.

2 responses to “Getting Started: Dishonored 2!

  1. I can never quite go non-lethal in these games. I tried with the original game, but in 2 I found it easier to just run and gun, at least the majority of the time. Like you say, you can kind of customize your own difficulty which I like! I am not in this kind of game for the challenge, but more for the fun of experimenting with different abilities and weapons, and enjoying the story. Good luck with the game! I also went with Emily. 🙂


    • Yeah I’m tempted to do more with her abilities. Domino for linking enemies together is amazing! At least in theory.

      It took a LOT of work to do a full non lethal run in the first game. Enemies would randomly fall of roofs or down stairwells and die when you knocked them out. Took a lot of replay/reload. You know, now that I say that, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for right now in a game…

      The alternate, nonlethal ways to deal with bosses though are all pretty cool, an excellent study in “just rewards.” I hope they keep that up in this game! I liked the first one already.


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