On Live-tweeting a movie…

In case you missed it, Holly and I live-tweeted a movie last night…

It was an interesting experience. Ever since I signed up for a Twitter, I’ve used it to throw out random thoughts as or after I consume media. Lines from songs, reactions to movies, comparisons and quotes. Before that, those sorts of thoughts were Facebook status updates.

But live-tweeting is above and beyond sharing your random thoughts as they strike you. It’s about having a device open the whole movie. It’s a distraction and a choice and definitely something to do at home… and with a movie you’ve seen before, preferably.

We were excited to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens a second time, but we also knew a few things… a) we’re going to watch it again after this, and b) most everybody who might see our tweets had already seen the movie. Meaning that the distraction is mitigated by the many more times we’ll watch the movie, our references and comments you might understand in the void, and we didn’t have to worry about spoiling anyone.

A perfect trial run…

It was an odd experience. We had one person following along with our tweets at least (Julia…), and tried to keep up with each others’ tweets. Some other random likes throughout. Some tweets were based on things we said out loud, some on things we just thought, some quotes… there were things we only found out the other said by reading the tweets…

I had fun doing the sort of things that got me thinking “Comparative Geeks” in the first place: comparing and referencing other Geeky properties. I scrolled through and looked – here’s the list of all the other referenced properties:

Dune & Jodorowsky’s Dune, Joseph Campbell, the MCU & the number 12, Boondock Saints, D&D, Lovecraft, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Bob Ross, Doctor Who, Jupiter Ascending, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Watchmen, Starcraft, Saturday Night Live, James Bond, Hickman’s Avengers & New Avengers, Lego Movie, Final Fantasy VIII, Pokemon, Princess Bride, Borderlands, Skyrim, Nick Fury, Star Wars originals prequels & RPGs… oh, and so many memes.

Apparently I felt this reference was actually old or obscure enough that it needed a hashtag, unlike the others…

I don’t know about doing it again. We’d love your input. Have you ever live-tweeted an event or a movie? Or read anyone’ live-tweeting? Or made judging but well-argued points for or against it? Let us know in the comments below!


3 responses to “On Live-tweeting a movie…

  1. I enjoy livetweeting, but it’s hit-or-miss for engagement. A magic combination of people either knowing the media or seeing something general to comment on, and tweeting at the right time, and being interesting. I’ve had the most success, engagement-wise, if I sustain the tweeting a long time, so more people see it and they can also get a better sense of the media if it’s not something hugely popular. At my stage of Twitter I’m not going to get massive engagement in the first place, but I really think extended livetweeting is helpful in creating some rapport. Plus, it’s always been my philosophy to start as I mean to go on — I don’t keep my good stuff for when I have a big audience, because good stuff is how you GET the audience.

    *ends ramble and goes to check Twitter*

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    • So are you saying like doing it on an ongoing basis? Like if we kept doing live-tweeted Sunday Night Comparative Geeks Movie Night? Or just like doing so for a long time like throughout a whole movie?


      • Like throughout a whole movie or book, with at least an hour or two per book session if I can’t do the whole thing. I frequently do “#amreading blah blah blah” when I first start a book, but I get a lot more value out of it if I can basically fill up my timeline for a while. I avoid random singular tweets about something I’m watching/reading unless I think it’s really interesting outside the context of the story.

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