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It’s Here! Game of Thrones Season 7! And the war years in the making!

Game of Thrones! Back in July! We’re finally getting a solid look into this non-book material, the twists and turns that we can all only guess at. We did a great Season 6 after-report podcast with Pat Sponaugle: Game of Thrones Season 6. And if you want more Game of Thrones talk, check out Pat’s site!

Meanwhile, we may do some further speculation before the season hits, but for now, what are you thinking is going to happen?


200 Honest Trailers! Logan! Guest Reviewer!

Holly got to watch this one first and recommended it, and wow was I not disappointed!

Nice one to hit number 200 with, that’s for sure. Tough one to make fun of, however, and as they say: should probably actually see some Oscars nods for this film.

What have been your favorite Honest Trailers?


View… from… Spaaaace!

So I’m still as sick as when I posted yesterday, but when I opened up YouTube I saw a fascinating video link…

Opening it up in YouTube gets you the chat feed, which was surprisingly active and not at all good to read. Still, just getting that view from space is fantastic. It’s a reminder for me too that this is one of the underlying foundations of science fiction: wonderment at space.



Thriller! High School Edition

Expect more from us later on YouTuber Superwoman, but for now, her recent Thriller music video – both modernized and a total homage to the original music video – is worth a watch. Enjoy!