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That Feeling When… All You Want To Do Is Curl Up With Something You Know

I’ve been feeling a lot lately like what I want to do is curl up with something I know, something I’m familiar with. And when you have that feeling, well, it helps drive your decision making, right? Like, we’ve been re-watching Parks & Rec – a show we finished watching not that long ago.

We traveled with a number of games we love and know, as well. We got Diablo 3 in and I remembered that’s a ton of fun on the console, with a shared screen. We played some Borderlands 2 and now I’d really like to try a new playthrough with our powerful characters.

I wanted to play a Final Fantasy game and so I picked back up Final Fantasy VII on the PSP over the choice of something like Crisis Core or Tactics, both of which I haven’t played much. And I picked up XCom for a new playthrough, and oh man, I had forgotten how much fun this game is.

It’s my base!

And there’s a new Final Fantasy game and a new XCom game I could be playing instead. And could be reviewing here on the site.

Which means, there’s maybe the real problem: there’s media-related things I should be doing, we should be doing, to find new things. To review new things. To write about. And I’m sure we will, and we do. I mean, we played 7 Wonders Duel yesterday for the first time, and that was a blast!

And we’ve delved into new shows and things, and we’re looking ahead at a new movie season, and all that. But you know? Sometimes you just want to curl up with something you know and bask in some nostalgia and things that you know are good.

How about you, readers? What do you do when you feel like this? Do you give in to the nostalgia? Do you push yourself towards new experiences? I’d love to hear your strategies and opinions in the comments below!


Catching Up – Video Games We’ve Been Playing Since We Got Our PS3

I feel like we’ve played a lot of video games lately – I think we moved into a video-game phase when we bought a new (for us) console, the PS3. And I don’t feel like we’ve written much about the games we’ve played lately, because we’ve almost moved too quickly through them. We’ve mentioned them in passing, as we’ve started them. Or as we finished.

And maybe that’s okay, as many of these games have been out a while. Maybe the point where talking about them is interesting has passed. However, I’m sure there are many games you, faithful reader, are also considering and haven’t played yet. So maybe we’ll spark a thought for you.

Lightning Returns CoverLightning Returns arrived today (finally!) and I have a feeling it is going to consume our time, and pull us away from other games. Which is too bad, but it also means I kind of want to get these games out of my system before we move completely on! So here’s a lightning round (pun intended?) of the games we’ve been playing lately, my quick thoughts and recommendations on them. Onward!

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review!

As we mentioned a few times here on the blog, our big Christmas present for the year was a PS3, complete with borrowing games from people, getting our hands on some of our own, and a membership with PlayStation Plus which has free games available.

Meanwhile, as you may have noticed around and about the end-of-year reviews lately, at least and especially on Apple, there’s this little game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Which on the Mac store has won game of the year, and for iPad, is runner up for game of the year. A game that is that high up for both of those platforms? Really? I wanted to know more when I saw it.

And I recognized the name – from our PlayStation Plus. This game is available free on PS3 with PlayStation Plus right now – whereas otherwise it’s still $40! This seemed like the perfect way to explore this game, and break in the new PS3. I have to say, then, that this game has sucked me in and stolen most of my game time since we got it. Read on for some of the fun aspects of this game, and for some wisdom from my play through!

Screenshot from iTunes

Game of the Year all the years! Screenshot from iTunes.

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