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Movie Review – San Andreas

This last weekend we watched San Andreas, with Dwayne Johnson. While on the one hand, yep, it’s a disaster movie and you know what that means… on the other hand, it’s a really solid disaster movie, that doesn’t stretch out the tropes too much.

One thing I can say about disaster movies is that they make great popcorn movies – as in, there’s thrills, adrenaline, amazing effects, and somewhere along the line that can mean that tropes are relied on heavily, audience expectations that you feed on purpose – or subvert on purpose. So I’ll get to those after the jump.

But the one thing I want to say as a general, non-spoiler review: the destruction and mayhem in San Andreas is really solid. There’s no bad guy, no monster or aliens or evil corporation. It’s not even much of a social commentary, unless you count “man it would be great if we could detect earthquakes before they happen.” No, it’s just a massive, act-of-God disaster movie, without far-reaching world-destroying effects – but you know things wouldn’t ever be the same again. The effects were great, you got to see all kinds of things just fall apart. In other words, this was a fun movie. Now on to some analysis below!

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Catching Up: Godzilla

As Holly mentioned yesterday, we got plenty of movie watching in on our flights to and from Australia. I watched a great Australian science fiction film (Predestination) that I am going to talk about later (it comes out in the U.S. January 9th, it looks like – I recommend it!). I also watched a pretty miserable Australian science fiction/comedy called The Infinite Man (which I would NOT call a comedy…), and maybe I’ll talk about that too at some point.

But today I wanted to talk about Godzilla. We had been reluctant to see this film, and with the number of LitFlix we had going in May and June, we just did not make it to see this movie on the big screen. And it’s the sort of movie that probably begs to be seen on a big screen, with big monsters and all… instead we watched it on the tiny, tiny airplane screens. Such is life!

The most obvious comparison is to the 1998 Godzilla, but I can easily say this movie was better, and move on. I think instead I’ll make some less obvious comparisons to the movie, because after all, it’s Comparative Geeks! And because I’m not sure this movie stands on its own in my mind, it makes me think of too many other things. So spoilers ahead for 2014’s Godzilla!

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Best and Worst Litflix of 2013

The year is coming to a close. Christmas is just around the corner and soon after that the year will come to a close. So here at Comparative Geek we are going to start a season of reflection on the last year. Starting out I am looking at the Litflix that I reviewed over this last year and deciding on the best and worst examples. I will keep it simple and just look at 4 different categories. 

Best overall Litflix will be the Litflix that was the best overall movie, possibly even with deviations from the book the movie still creates an overall good experience. Worse overall is the movie that I enjoyed the least of the Litflix movies and again accuracy is not necessarily the important element, but is just generally not a good experience. Most accurate is the one that sticks the closest to the source material. Least accurate is the one that deviates from the source material, possibly so much that it is unrecognizable. Continue reading

World War Z: LitFlix

David and I went to see World War Z last night and while I did enjoy the movie the world it paints seems far from the world presented in the book. The book paints these amazingly complex stories into a single story of the Zombie War or World War Z. We get to see the reaction from all the world powers and the history behind those decisions. We get to see the reaction from people on the ground as they realize what is happening. In the book we eventually see as the world figures out how to deal with the problem.

Now it is important to recognize that the movie for World War Z is designed as a trilogy – it does not give us the whole war and we don’t see the very beginning because we are telling the story from the perspective of America and the United Nations. At the same time they are telling a very different story than what is presented in the book. So the best way to talk about this is to go through some of the biggest differences that I found. (Spoilers for World War Z after the break) Continue reading

Trailer Watch – Super Bowl Ads

So we thought about watching the Super Bowl. Not, you know, for long, but the thought was there. Sounds like the power went out… is there a contingency plan for selling more million dollar commercials? Anyway…

There were a few movie spots during the Big Game, and we thought we would collect them all here for you to watch them together if you want to reconsider them, or if, you know, you missed them the first time around as well.

Definitely check out Star Trek Into Darkness:

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