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Officially Moved to http://comparativegeeks.com

Happy 4th of July for those that celebrate it!!


So this is the 1000th and final post on the comparativegeeks.wordpress.com site; some of you might have noticed some updates made to our social media accounts already. All future content will only be posted to the newly set up and self-hosted http://comparativegeeks.com. This has been such a great place to share some of our thoughts, opinions, views, etc. WordPress.com has such a wonderful community and there is a part of us that hates leaving. Thank you everyone who has joined us here, commenting, reading, and engaging on these topics. Hopefully it will not be too much of a leap to have you join us at the new site.

By doing a self-hosted site there are definitely features that we can add through customizations that would not be available if we kept the site here. We are excited about this new endeavor, but we are sad to leave.


It is not about changing what we are doing, but trying to improve and expand. We will be increasing to posting something at least once a day. Sundays will always be the Comparative Opinions weekly podcast, which we have officially launched so look on the site for that or it should be available on iTunes shortly. The other piece that we are hoping to add is a little bit more community engagement. Forums have been set up to allow for a different type of discussion topics and threads to keep going that can hopefully function a bit better than just a comments section.

This blog started as David and I just wanted to talk about things that we geek out about and we want it to grow beyond just our voice. We have many contributors who have said they would be willing to help write things and we are so grateful to all of them. If you are interested in potentially being a contributor whether it is one post or recurring you can email comparativegeeks@gmail.com. The last three-and-a-half years has definitely been a journey and hopefully they will continue to be so in to the future.


Happy New Year! Comparative Geeks thoughts for 2016


Happy New Year! We don’t really have big news like last year, but the New Year is a good time to look back and reflect, to look forward and plan. Definitely plenty of that going on here.


What the latter half of 2015 showed us was that, even with the Geek Baby, we want to and can keep blogging. I would like to think we’ve kept at least some of our quality and consistency. Hopefully that will just improve with time, but at its most basic – we can do it.

More importantly, what the first half of 2015 showed us was that we have a strong community around us and supporting us. We ran the blog for 6 weeks on guest posts by a variety of people and on a variety of topics. Opinion pieces, old stuff, new stuff, large-level reviews… just a bunch of really great stuff. This post has links to all of it, and I highly recommend checking it out. We’ve had some additional contributions from folks later in the year – and have even added a full-time weekly contributor, Julia, the newest comparative geek!

There were some things that didn’t work this year, sure. For one, we didn’t create a great communication system for all our contributors and guest posters – so it’s hard to tap them on a continual basis. For another, some of our series have just kind of fallen. I still owe everyone a Geek 501 page that I’ve promised – it’s about halfway done. And our LitFlix have really fallen to the wayside – more on our thoughts on this to come in the next few weeks. And overall, I had a lot more thoughts of what I could accomplish this year than what I really did.


So looking ahead, I’m excited for what we can do this year. We’re coming up on three years of Comparative Geeks – it’s hard to believe! Thank you to everyone who’s been here with us through this. We feel we’re at the point that it’s time to consider moving forward, moving onward – growing.

We’re going to take our time with it, but our hope is that by about July, we’ll be running a self-hosted blog. The archives here likely would not come along for the ride, so this blog would stay here and live on, but without necessarily updates.

As to a self-hosted site, and the things that go with it, we have a lot of thoughts. One would be the webcomic I’ve been saying I want to do. I had some good starts before I completely fell off the wagon… And the fact that I’m not hating what I am creating is the most important thing. I might like my writing, but my drawing? Coming to terms with that has been huge. There are other things we’re considering too, that should be fun.

However, the number one thing that we want to see in a grown and improved blog is you – so let us know in the comments what would be good ways to have folks follow along to a new blog, or better yet what would work for you. And the thing we’re going to want too is contributors – to take what we accomplished early this year, drawing all those bloggers together, and channel that as a long-term thing. To magnify what we’re all doing by doing together, in one space, that can be a one-stop for people to check it out. So spend some time thinking about that, and feel free to comment on that as well!

From our family to yours, a Happy New Year indeed!

We Have To Get Bigger

We put out the call, the call for bloggers – and you assembled wonderfully. And when it was time, we engaged the machine, we woke the world – and guest posts have been running ever since. I’ve been using an Avengers analogy throughout, from Jonathan Hickman’s recent run which I’ve enjoyed so much. It goes kind of like this.

Previously in Avengers

Maybe we’re talking about blogging instead of the end of the world, but otherwise the analogy has held strong. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.

So as you can see above, Captain America and Iron Man built a literal “Avengers Machine,” a roster-keeper and planning device. In the analogy, that makes it the blog – Comparative Geeks itself. Now, you can find me on this blog actually excited for the idea of the machine coming back after the Infinity event – they led issues with an image of the machine and which Avengers would be showing up. Instead, this happened the next issue.

The Machine Served Its Purpose

Much like for us – the machine served its purpose. It got us through the arrival of the Geek Baby, and many weeks of missed sleep and learning how to parent. Anyway, I guess I just equated that to an intergalactic war – works for me. Steve goes on with some minutiae in the comic, but Tony stops him…

Undergoing Constant Change

That’s where we’re at with Comparative Geeks. We may not be able to blog as constantly and consistently as we’ve been used to – we just don’t know. But that doesn’t mean that the blog shouldn’t keep going strong.

We’ve had some fantastic guest posts, and many bloggers who have now written quite a few posts. You can find all of them now on the sidebar on our Authors page. And they have more ideas, more desire to write. And we have more need for writing.

So will we keep having posts here? Yes we will! Monday through Friday, post-a-day. Will they all be by Holly and I? No they will not. Does that make the other posts guest posts? Nope. At this point, I think that makes them contributors. And it means now, interactions with these bloggers is kind of like this:

Interested in writing for Comparative Geeks? I know we had a number of offers before, thoughts on series, folks who were busy in the short term but maybe not the long term. Start the conversation in the comments below!

WordPress Family Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

If you’ve given us awards and feel that we’ve utterly forgotten them, fret not! We’re just ridiculously behind in accepting them. One of the main reasons is a feeling that you need to put a lot of thought and work into figuring out who to nominate, facts about yourself, all these other bits. Then there’s notifying everyone, which can be a whole bunch of work…

WordPress Family Award

Well, earlier this year we were hit with a double-whammy of awards from Part-Time Monster, where they combined two awards into one set of nominations. We see no reason not to do the same, especially as these two awards go together really well. One is the WordPress Family Award, and the other is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This year we have connected with a lot more bloggers, through connecting with Part-Time Monster and others, as well as through the A-to-Z Challenge.

very inspiring blogger award

So the rules on these awards were presented as simple: nominate 15 other blogs and let them know. I am going to be linking to each of their About pages, so these pingbacks are counting as my notifications… And really, I’m not caring if you’ve gotten one of the other before. This is about us listing the folks who make up our WordPress family. Thank you all for a great year of blogging, and hope you are all looking forward to a great new year like we are!

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6-Month Anniversary – Top 5 Posts So Far!

This week will mark the six-month anniversary for Comparative Geeks! We want to thank all of you for reading so far, we find your comments fantastic, and your readership exciting.

Like any blogger watching their blog, we love the stats we get on WordPress. We are constantly intrigued by which posts get read, or found – and which don’t. We write six posts a week, Monday through Saturday, and not everything is as popular as some of our biggest hits.

Today, let’s look at our top five blog posts so far, as found from our WordPress stats!

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