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Avengers: Age of Ultron Comics and Movie Comparison

Cover for Age of Ultron #1

Cover for Age of Ultron #1

This last weekend, we were able to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was pretty excellent. We have an ongoing discussion thread about the movie and all things Avengers – that would be a great place if you wanted to talk about the movie, spoilers welcome! Or if you’re looking for a full movie review, how about two-for-one over on Sourcerer?

Meanwhile, this is my LitFlix for the movie – my comparison of the movie and its source material in the comics. I read a handful of Avengers comics before and after the first appearance of Ultron in Avengers #55. I also read the titular Age of Ultron storyline. I know it’s not really the source material for the film, but between these two and some Avengers reading from a while back, I feel like I have a good foundation for comparison.

So let’s look at the Avengers in the film and the Avengers in the comics!

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Where the Heck is Barton?

I referred to this question last month, but let’s explore it further… where the heck is Clint Barton, Hawkeye? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has completely disappeared since The Avengers, while all of the other Avengers and pretty much all of their supporting characters and villains have appeared since then.

We even have the slate of Marvel Phase 3 movies, and still no Hawkeye there, either. And he hasn’t been in Agents of SHIELD, though they have mentioned him. But if he’s one of the best SHIELD agents, and SHIELD has fallen… where the heck is he?

So I’ve been brainstorming some answers to this question, and would like to present them in meme form. So please follow along to join me in asking the question: Where the Heck is Barton?

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Upcoming Plans on Comparative Geeks!

Hello dear readers!

Holly and I are headed on vacation for a bit, and we’ve done our best to have things continue running here on Comparative Geeks in our absence. We might check in on WiFi occasionally, but for comments and all, sorry in advance for slow response!

Here’s the upcoming calendar of events:

This week

We have a few pieces of media we’re considering this week – Big Hero 6, and the Doctor Who: Series 8 finale. Meanwhile on our Tumblr, we’re dipping back into our Dragon Age past, because Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out next week! We have our special edition preordered, and it should be here when we get back, waiting and glorious.

We have not caught Interstellar before leaving, and are planning on seeing it on vacation in a fancy theater if we can. It’s almost 3 hours! I’m super excited for this movie, but discussion of the film will have to wait, so hopefully you are interested too and are going to go see it!

Next Week

Next week we are finally doing something we have been waiting to do: we are exploring Bioshock Infinite. This was a title that we loved from last year, though we took a while playing it. Luckily, even taking a while at it, no one spoiled us on it. In fact, we saw several times online in articles or videos where people actively stopped themselves from saying anything, from spoiling it. This was a hush-hush game that people chose to be hush-hush about.

I wrote about the statute of limitations with this game, and how it seems to really be hanging on. In that spirit, we waited to write about the game, and we’re letting you know we’re going to do it all at once in the one week. So if you still haven’t played the game and intend to, this might not be the safest place next week! Also, our Tumblr will be sharing some of the art/scenes from the game as well to go along with it.

Thanksgiving Week

For Thanksgiving week, we have some guest posts for you, both from some returning guest bloggers, and from a new one! I hope you love them, and we are very thankful to them for helping us out to make it through being away from the blog.

On the Tumblr, we’ll be sharing out some advance images leading up to the Black Friday post, I suppose, so if you’re not following us on Tumblr, give it a look!

We will definitely be around and back by December, but until then, have an excellent month!