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Variation of Season Lengths

So this is just a quick exploration of something I have noticed recently and that is the idea of a different number of episodes per season. There is a difference between different countries, but even in the USA there is a difference between series that sometimes seem arbitrary. It also can switch from season to season, one season is 24 episodes, another is 13 episodes and there does not seem to be an explanation why.

Part of this discussion is the idea of having filler episodes. There are plenty of series that have had to do various filler episodes that often slow down the story and really just seem to bore the audience. It is an interesting idea: do you try and fit in the required number of episodes, or do you try and tell a complete story? Some of it depends on the type of show I think, but there is still some level of how long can you stretch an idea out.

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My Favorite Support Cast

So, I was having trouble thinking of a post tonight and so decided to share about some of my favorite characters – but how to qualify favorite? Because the list could go on and on. So instead of looking at my favorite lead, because that is also a difficult list, I am going to look at some of my favorite supporting characters. These characters are not the lead, they are not the one making the decisions, but they help support the overall story and world in some way.

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