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Life, With Rush Lyrics

This is a bit later than we like to be finishing up our week of blogging. I had the idea for this all the other day… but have been busy. Happily, I got it together! As I’ve said before, I really like Rush, and listening to the 40th Anniversary Tour (R40) album on Apple Music, I thought of these.

So here are some things from our life lately, in pictures and with lyrics by Rush.

Work, Work, Working Man

Yep, back at work… I’m the “Working Man.”

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#WeekendCoffeeShare- On My Phone Edition

Just a quick blurb for today. So if we were having coffee, it’d be a small coffee, not my usual massive or multiple coffees.

As I tippety-type this away on my phone, on LTE because we hit our home data limit, I mostly wanted to say we had a good vacation week. It was our first distance travel with the Geek Baby, and she did great. 

And I want to say thank you to all our contributor assistance for blog posts as well. Did you read them? Check them out!

Weekend Coffee Share – Time Runs Out Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you where the time went. We’ve reached the end of my time home with the Geek Baby. We’re traveling for Thanksgiving this coming week (look out for some great contributor material!), and then the following week we’re working on transitioning into a home care situation.

And it’s not like the Geek Baby is all grown up and saving China, but it’s still sad to be at the end of this time I’ve had. We’re of course super grateful that we’ve found somewhere at all for her to be watched – one of us staying home full time would not be at all economically easy.

Thanks student loans.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you there’s a lot that I thought I was going to be able to get done during these several months. I’ve talked about much of it before. Well, none of it really went well.

For instance, there was my Warmachine Journeyman League. The League ended and… I was last place. Well, I guess second to last – there was someone who played one game. Some of it was most people played their most games the first week, and I missed the extra games session they were all at because I was working. After that, we played more points and the games were longer, and could play fewer in a week – so there was never a chance to catch up on games. Meanwhile, my starting army (chosen for me because it’s based on what they sell as the starting pack) was awful and I was losing all those games anyway… and winning later. Wasn’t enough to catch up at all.

And I got no painting done, which is funny since I got some done in advance of the League starting… I didn’t even get my new stuff I got for my birthday fully built. Although, started on that…

Then there was the Superhero Entertainments class that Holly and I were taking online. Yeah, that ended up not happening past week two for us. There’s another session in the future, so who knows, maybe we’ll take it yet. Interesting – but finding the time to watch, take notes, visit the forums, do the quizzes… plus, watching stuff together it only counted as one of us watching stuff and they track that for completion, so we were going and having to basically have a device watch all the videos for us a second time.

Speaking of classes, there’s a class I’m doing online now as well for professional development that my work paid for. I’m at least off to an okay start there – though I’m going to have to do all of next week’s while traveling, pretty much. And I haven’t made it to the chat sessions yet as they’ve been the same time as doctor’s appointments for the Geek Baby.

Then there’s the sketching NaNoWriMo I was working on. Well, it was off to an okay start. Sketches, anyway, not completed drawings like I was hoping. I’m realizing that’s a lot of process – and I see why professionally it’s done by many people, and why webcomics have a spaced out schedule. There’s a lot to it.

And I eventually fell behind, discouraged, and stopped.

I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2… Fell off the completionist wagon there, and moved on to a variety of things. TV, where I finished my long-haul re-watching of Star Trek: The Next Generation at least. Oh, and watched Firefly and Serenity again. Then back to games and played a little Diablo 3 with the expansion… and then Fallout 4 most recently.

We have a stack of board games that we’ve bought, intending to play and finding them at a good price… that have yet to be played. We’ve had to stop ourselves from considering any more, really, until we give these a go…

And not a lot of reading even happened, though I’m hoping for a bit of reading time as we travel. Along with doing classwork. And trying to maybe get something written for a university publication by December 1. Oh, and vacationing.

If we were having coffee, I would fall into the cliche of having to say that watching a baby is a lot of work. We all know that as a haha, yep, that’s a thing sort of a fact… but in actual practice? Like, a LOT of work. TV and gaming tended to happen during naps, often with her asleep on me (or Holly, before me).

We’ve kept the blog going, at least… but any growth plans, including stronger coordination with the contributors, has not happened. Sorry, contributors. If you have any blog post ideas, please, I’m all ears. Or, well, fingers and eyes on the computer, I guess?

If we were having coffee, and thinking about contributors, I would point out that we haven’t been the only ones busy. Though I of course haven’t been doing much blog reading either, I am in touch with a number of other bloggers. Many are at the seasons in their life where their blogging plans are changing, or they are starting whole new blogs. Things have gone quiet over on Sourcerer.

And there are things I could have been trying to cram in – freelance work I was thinking I could do while home. I guess it’s good – I never really heard back from any of my clients on doing stuff either. So I guess I didn’t have an opportunity to find out if I could have pulled that off…

It’s like not just we have gotten really busy – everyone has. A lot of our peers and friends, people our age, are all starting to have kids as well. The Geek Baby is suddenly going to be just one of the oldest of a large group of kids. But that also means a likely change in the seasons of our life, as we move towards kiddo get-togethers and play days, things like that.

Where did the time go? Do you know?

Weekend Coffee Share – Sleep Deprivation Edition

Doctor Who Coffee MugIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a heck of a week.

For one thing, we’re coming off of sickness last week – so we were already off our game, and I’d already been sleeping on the couch to avoid getting sick, as well as the Geek Baby sleeping out of the bedroom. We’re at about the time, then, that the Geek Baby needs to transition into sleeping in her crib anyway… so we decided to leverage this disruption in life to just start the transition.


If there’s one thing we’re kind of sheepish saying about the Geek Baby (and yet here I am saying it on the Internet…) it’s that she’s been a great sleeper. From really early on, she was sleeping through the night. She’s always been kind of a random napper, but it’s really easy to deal with random naps and fussy tired time during the day when you’ve slept through the night.

But she hasn’t always been the easiest to get down to sleep – often it felt like a coin flip as to whether she would wake up or sleep on when you put her down. Once down successfully, she’d sleep.

Somewhere in our thrown-off schedule and in trying to move to the crib… well, the odds have gotten much worse than a coin flip.

If we were having coffee, it wouldn’t be my first today. Nor my second, probably. Because getting her to go down to sleep? It’s been HARD. Often impossible. We’ve done some reading on baby sleep, and that’s helping us form a plan and not go crazy. Because when your baby wakes up during the act of putting her down in a crib… crazy is where that train is headed.

It might have been a weak Science Fiction Today post the other day, but I did wonder about sleep on Monday. It’s only been more ridiculous since then. Hopefully it gets better – say, before I have to head back to work, and this gets really hard…

How are you? In desperate need of coffee? I’m sure there’s more at the linkup on Part-Time Monster!

Weekend Coffee Share: The Week that Got Away

Cold / Flu Meme

So this week is kind of the week that never was for David and I. Specifically I got sick and not just a little cold or even a flu sick. I ended up with tonsillitis and it spread to my eyes in the form of conjunctivitis. Starting Monday I had a little tickle in my throat that felt like it was turning into a cold at first. Then Monday night I ended up with a fever of 101, body aches, and chills. Now I am thinking that I have the flu, even though I got a flu vaccine.

At this point this is the worst timing ever. I have a ton of stuff at work right now and I really do not need David or Geek Baby getting sick. I am thinking this will just be a couple days, am hoping that it might be just a 24 hour bug. This turned out to not be the case. My throat was killing me all week. My fever went down and I got some energy back by Thursday, but I could hardly swallow without some pretty severe pain still. Then on Friday it spread to my eyes and I just want to scream at something.

Since my body turned into a petri dish this last week I ended up binge watching Arrow and Flash on Netflix because I was trying to relax. Now since I was sick and was not sure how contagious I was I did not want to handle Geek Baby too much. That put David in the hot seat of being the main caretaker for Geek Baby without me to relieve him. There were thoughts of us doing things this week that have gone entirely out of the window. So this is the week that didn’t happen for us.