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Geek 501: You Must Create!

Finally, another Geek 501 post! The idea here is to give some thoughts on geek culture, what it is to be a geek, and things geeks love. We’ve talked before a few times about Geeks and Consumerism. The conclusion was, geeks “consume” media and culture and cultural artifacts, but that this does not have to mean in a materialistic way: geeks are often cool with subscription services, libraries, and other ways to get access to the culture they love.

I also started Geek 501 by talking about Geeks and Sharing, about how geeks love to share the things they love – with other fans, with non-fans, and occasionally, with anyone who will listen! In some ways, this post is a continuation of this idea. Geeks consume media, geeks share it with their friends and family… but at some point, they seem to move beyond that. At some point, all the ideas of Web 2.0, of contributing and interacting and creating, kick in too. More than consuming: participating, remixing, reviewing and recommending.

The title of the post comes from a theme party we went to in college, where you had to do something creative to get a snack or drink. There was sidewalk chalk, paper, singing, all kinds of things. Apparently the phrase has stuck with me all this time, as the declarative statement that it is. You must create! So follow on for some of my ideas on how geeks create.

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Advances will Annihilate the Adolescent Acrimony of Anonymity

“Bleeping son-of-a-bleeptonian bleeper!”  That’s right – you read my retweet trash, my potty-mouth post, my Facebook filth! What’ve I got to lose being rude to someone I will never meet, never know and never befriend, right?

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