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Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations

I just realized today that while I have been talking about book to movie adaptations in my Litflix posts it could be neat to look at some of my favorite book to movie adaptations. For the most part the book is usually better than the movie. There is so much more you can do with the book than you can with the movie. At the same time the movie can bring to life the visuals and while our imaginations can do amazing things, the movies can also do amazing things.

When creating a movie based on a book there is a delicate balance that needs be made between keeping the important parts of the book and telling the story. Some movies just keep the bare bones of the story and then change almost every other aspect. The movie might be good in and of itself (although not likely), but no matter what it destroys the source material. Then there are movies that almost try to stay so true to everything that happens in the book that the actual heart of the story gets lost.  Now none of these movies are absolutely perfect, but they took me into the story that I had remembered from the books. Continue reading

LitFlix: Warm Bodies

Screenshot from Warm BodiesSo, this past Friday was the opening night of Warm Bodies, our first LitFlix of 2013. Initially the previews leading up to the release date made me think that they had removed some potentially crucial pieces from the book. I still saw how they could have pulled it off in the movie and was interested to see how they did it. Before I saw the movie I read the spoiler-heavy io9 review (http://io9.com/5980780/warm-bodies-is-something-way-better-than-just-romeo-and-juliet-and-zombies) that made me realize that the movie was probably going to be more like the book than I initially thought.

Having now read the book AND watched the movie, I can say they did a pretty good job of sticking to the source material, while still making it understandable in a different medium. There are still quite a few things that were changed in the movie, but I appreciate and can understand why these changes were made. (SPOILERS for both the book and movie Warm Bodies after the jump.) Continue reading

Trailer Watch: Upside Down and Warm Bodies

Originally, this was going to be a Trailer Watch for the first four minutes of Warm Bodies, which you can still find after the jump. Then last night I was dinking around on my iPad, as you do, and went to IMDB to see if there were any new trailers posted. There was a couple of movies, Red 2, Evil Dead, etc, and then there was this movie called Upside Down. At first I skipped over it, but then noticed it was Kirsten Dunst and I had not seen anything with her in it for ages so I was curious. What I found was an incredibly innovative topic for a movie that defies the laws of physics. Continue reading

LitFlix for 2013

So I noticed that this year there are a lot of movies coming out that are based on books. In the past, when there was a movie coming out I wanted to see based on a book, I tried to read the book first. For example, reading Lord of the Rings before Fellowship came out. Or, if I find out the movie is based on a book, I will try and read it such as True Blood (I know it is not a movie, but the idea still holds true).

So this formed a perfect idea: that is, to read the book, then watch the movie based on the book, and give you a handy comparison review. Some people cannot stand to watch a movie of a book they love or read a book based on a movie, but I think there are interesting things that can present themselves in each medium that you cannot necessarily find if you do not mix it up.

Now there are times that movies have ruined great books, but there are other times that I think movies have breathed life into a great idea in a book that was not fully explored. So here it is, my list of LitFlix for 2013:

Continue reading