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First Thoughts on Warmachine

I actually haven't bought any yet.

I actually haven’t bought any yet.

I mentioned recently that I have taken up the tabletop war game Warmachine to demonstrate the game at an upcoming gaming con here in town. I made this as an educated decision with the help of a friend, and a bit of looking online at prices and such. And hey, I have at least the one friend who plays…

However, I didn’t really know much more than that. I ordered my first clockworks mechs in the form of a Battle Box – a leader and three mechs. I hoped, perhaps foolishly, that this was all I needed to play.

Well, I’ve hunted down some rules information, received my Battle Box, and done some army math… so a few real first impressions now of Warmachine! I’m pretty excited to give it a go, but currently all of my models are in tiny pieces with no instructions…

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