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Week in Geek Episode 11

Week in Geek, episode 11, recorded 11/1/17. News since last recording, including: Lin Manuel Miranda’s Kingkiller Chronicles prequel show; Veronica Mars miniseries?; DC and their odd anti-franchise-hype leading up to Justice LeagueDaredevil season 3; and Super Mario Odyssey. Then instead of diving into the 40 minute discussion of Hollywood and sexual abuse, tune back in for that in Episode 66 of the Comparative Opinions podcast!

Here’s a link to some of the Henry Cavill discussion about the DCEU: https://twitter.com/i/moments/925452162913546240

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Limiting Trailer Consumption

For a while now I have thought that trailers give too much of the movie away. Recently with the Lego Movie, while they did not give all the jokes away or the plot for that matter they did give away almost all the Batman jokes. I still loved the movie, but I had seen the various trailers so much that the Batman jokes ended up feeling kind of old. It made me wonder about whether watching as many trailers as we do is actually a good idea if we know we are going to see the movie. 

I do not know if it is just recently or if I am watching more trailers / specials, but they seem to be giving more away. One way is that there seems to be an increase in showing clips from the movie. Even at other movies they will do special presentations of a big name movie that is coming out. The idea is to get people who want to see that other movie coming to the other movie, but it is also giving a way a moment from the big name movie. The problem is by watching all these trailers and features you are missing out on seeing the moments for the first time in the context of the movie. It does not ruin the movie, but if I am going to see it anyway, why not go in unspoiled. Continue reading

Comparative Opinions – Veronica Mars

Yesterday, Holly gave her review of the Veronica Mars movie. This was from the perspective of a fan, someone who had watched the show when it was on the air, has seen them all in order, and knows the story and characters.

We thought it made sense to also have me do a review. While I am not completely new to the Veronica Mars story, I’ve only caught random parts of episodes, in syndication, or when Holly was rewatching the show in the background. So without knowing these things, what was this movie like? I don’t have much to say on the subject, but it seems worth saying.

My quick statement is, if you’re like me, and know of Veronica Mars, and there’s a fan of the show in your life, you will enjoy watching this movie with them. It is entertaining, the fanservice does not completely shut out the non-fans, and I could definitely follow it. But for more, onwards!

Continue reading

We Used to Be Friends; And Still Are

This weekend David and I got to watch the Veronica Mars movie. I have to say I knew that I was going to want to own the movie so I decided to buy it straight out and I was not disappointed. I have watched all the seasons and loved the show when it was on. This movie was the perfect blend of insider jokes and nodes to the fans with a decent story for those who have not watched the show before. I read a couple of movie reviews, but I think many of the complaints against the movie come from not understanding really why it was being made. Now I understand judging the movie as just a movie, but the circumstances under which this movie got made presented a very different purpose for the story being created. Continue reading

Veronica Mars the Movie

As most of you probably know Veronica Mars the Movie is coming out in a couple of weeks. Some of you might have even helped with the Kickstarter campaign. I am so excited about this movie coming out. I watched the series when it was on originally and it was so good. The third season is a bit of a let down, but I think some of that is because they were trying so hard to keep it alive somehow. Now with the movie coming out we will finally get to see what happens to  all of our favorite characters. Which raised some questions for me.

First of all will this movie be accessible to people who do not really know the tv show? With something like this I do not know if it will matter, but it can be difficult to make the jump to a movie and still have it widely accessible. The other part that is interesting is that they are going to only release the movie in a limited number of theaters, but will do a simultaneous release to videos on demand. This creates another interesting aspect for the movie because if it is not available at my local theater will it be available via video on demand? Continue reading