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Should We Go See Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in Theaters?

So after seeing trailers, it’s probably not far wrong to say that Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was the movie that we were most intrigued and excited to go see this year, especially taken on its own merits. Okay, sure, there’s lots of continuing franchise films to see this year – Marvel, Star Wars, etc. But this one captured our imagination, and it’s Luc Besson, and it seemed like a sure hit. The new Fifth Element.

And then… people actually saw it.

We’ve now heard from family that has both said “skip it in theaters” and that has said that they liked it. So… just as split as the Rotten Tomatoes score makes it seem. That means, tossing it back to you, dear readers! Vote in the poll! And if you’ve seen it, comment or shoot us a message on social media, letting us know whether we should go or not go!

Valerian. Valerian is winning.

Yesterday was a post comparing the recent DC and Marvel comic movie trailers, and asking which one was better or had you more excited.

Then today, since apparently this is awesome trailer week, we got this gem.

I think this is easily – and increasingly – the movie I am most excited for this year. Luc Besson is an amazing director, he seems to have some incredible source material (I think I’m going to have to break down and buy some of the comics on ComiXology), and the technology seems to be at a point where he can do this.

And since it’s based on a comic… well, that means there’s three comic movie adaptation trailers out in just a few days. And of them – I think this one is winning. It’s earlier trailer was great too. And it’s coming out in July as well – if I could only see this or Spider-Man Homecoming, well, sorry Spidey.

But that’s me – what do you think?