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Free Market Internet

This is kind of a continuation of my discussion about the Net Neutrality issue. It started me thinking about how important the Internet is for people and one of the things that I thought about is the free market aspect of the Internet. It is a place where anyone can set up shop at a minimal cost. Instead of needing a physical storefront you have a digital storefront and can connect to people as far away as you want to, most likely just the country you are in, but the possibility is there. Now you still have to compete with the larger businesses, but the ability to do searches online means that people might find your business by looking for something more specific. Then there are stores such as Etsy that allow people to set up a mini shop using their infrastructure. You have a place where people know to go and can find things that you make. The Internet builds a great free market. You can view ratings of products, businesses, and there are websites specifically dedicated to letting you know about how businesses are in your area. Continue reading

Favorite Types of Travel Apps

So while I am traveling for work it has made me think about some of my favorite apps to use while I am traveling. There are some great apps to check in for flights, find hotels, find restaurants, stores, what to do, etc. Now I am not going to go into specific apps because there are a lot that are great to choose from. Instead I will discuss the types of apps that I like to use. I personally have an iPhone, but am pretty sure there are similar apps on other smartphones. Travel is one of the times that I use my smartphone the most. It is amazing being in a new city and I have a guide in the palm of my hands. Continue reading