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Iron Man 3 and Iron Man Extremis: A LitFlix

Iron Man 3 PreludeThis is my first LitFlix to do, as I am tackling the comic movies this year. Check out my original post about that here. This is our first summer blockbuster, and our first comic movie for the year. This is Iron Man 3.

I had a bit of trouble nailing down what comic to read, to prepare for Iron Man 3, and I discuss some of that process here. So first, I am going to talk about about my comics hunt, then about the comic that leads into Iron Man 3, and compare.

Past here I am going to delve into spoilers, so be warned. If you want your own LitFlix experience with Iron Man 3, I recommend reading Invincible Iron Man, Volume 4: Extremis. I have the six-part comic on my Marvel App. Also, see Iron Man 3. It’s a blast.

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Your Controversy Trumped My Simple Post – Orson Scott Card and Ultimate Iron Man

So I finished reading Ultimate Iron Man. I was reading it for my LitFlix project for comics, thinking it might be a good lead-in for the Iron Man movies. The X-Men movies were really kind of in the world of Ultimate X-Men, so I thought that might be similar as a source.

Not so! Ultimate Iron Man is very different from the movies. Tony Stark is born with some nano-technological powers, and is a young genius who builds the Iron Man suit because he can, and only he can really use it. It’s… different. He regrows. It’s a thing.

So now, I want to read something else in preparation for Iron Man 3. But it’s written by Orson Scott Card… so suddenly, I feel like dropping an Orson Scott Card comic is part of a current political issue, and I want to do it for content reasons. My LitFlix is getting caught up in a current controversy! Continue reading