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After-Action Report – First Steamroller Tournament!

This last weekend, we had our first tournament for our small little Warmachine and Hordes community. My friend who got us all started has become a Press Ganger with Privateer Press, the company who makes the game, so we can have official tournaments with official company support. Very awesome!

Which makes our little tournament particularly great, as it looks to be the first of many. We had six people, which was a great starting point, and meant plenty of good games for all. Everyone had really strong army lists and pairings and it made for some tough decisions and play, and some really unexpected game results. Ones that seemed like sure things definitely were not! The most brutal was the last game done, which had maybe a handful of models left out of what was probably 70+ at the beginning. Three rounds, solid play, a lot of fun.

More things died after I took this picture.

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Catching up on our upcoming Gaming Con

A while back, I mentioned that some friends are working on starting a gaming con in our hometown. This is great, because something like this is both lacking, and not easily accessible anywhere else. Indeed, these same friends have flown down for PAX before, as the closest con.

I don’t think we’ll have anything so big as PAX, which is good. I’m looking to have some fun, and hoping to see a lot of people turn up wanting to play games. To that effect, I think things are off to a good start!

You can see the con at its website, PlatypusGaming.org. There’s a spot for donations, and I’m sure this non-profit would not mind getting a donation if you are so inclined 🙂 I also love the look of the lending library – I have played and learned about a lot of games from these friends, and they are taking this and spreading it. And that’s awesome.

Meanwhile, I am planning on helping run the war games demos with a friend, so below the jump I’ll be talking through a bit of our initial look at this – and my first foray into the tabletop war game, Warmachine!

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