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Top Five Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains

I’ve heard it said, and I’m not sure I can disagree, that Marvel doesn’t have the best or most compelling villains in the Cinematic Universe. Some of that is that some of their best – Doctor Doom, Galactus, Magneto, Spider-Man’s rogues gallery – are all locked up in movie rights.

There’s been a lot of one-off villains, with various levels of comic history. But I think that they’re getting better, now that the heroes have been more established. And hopefully Thanos is awesome… But for now, my list of top 5 MCU villains.

Problem is… I don’t know if I can put them in an order to say who’s best. For one thing, the television show villains – who have been getting good – have a lot more time to breathe, to develop. They’re not a one-off problem. They’re people. Evil, messed up people. So let’s do the list chronologically, and in the comments, you tell me who you think is the best!

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Avengers Commentary

Possibly the best thing you could do if you are a fan of Joss Whedon and / or the Avengers is to watch the commentary. Anyone who has watched the commentary of BuffyAngel, or Firefly know how much Joss loves what he does and puts that love into what he is doing. In some ways he is a true fan being able to make an awesome movie. This shines through in the commentary. Continue reading