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The Future of Leisure

Hello, and welcome to Comparative Geeks! Another month in and another holiday, and the new site is going well. It’s been a real joy to bring you new content, like the podcast and my webcomic. It’s also been great to bring you opinion and fandom pieces from a variety of writers!


Today is my birthday, and if you’ve been following us a while you know that I like to write an opinion piece on my birthday, on a topic important to me. Which brings me to my topic, although to be fair I’ve already been on topic here the whole time: the future of leisure.

All this, here, on Comparative Geeks: both the things we’re talking about, and the writing itself, can be considered leisure activities. I wrestled recently with the definition of “hobby,” because I think that there’s a difference between a hobby and doing a leisure activity. I’ve recently been hearing the phrase “side hustle” and that seems like a closer definition for what this site is, which still gets us into the territory of having three defined sets of activities – outside of other categories like work, family time, religious activities, education, social activities, food, sleep… Oh, and travel time between it all.

Wow, there’s a lot of things we do to fill our time!

People who have a problem specifically with leisure activities think more time should be spent on some of these other categories of activities. Think of the stereotype of the asocial geek who just needs to get out and be more social, right? But more, it seems like people have trouble with what kinds of leisure activities people pursue, whether they are “practical” or not.

But I titled this about the future of leisure, and that’s more where things are now. People are all over the place balancing their time now, and we have to be. People have always needed to be balancing their time, but over the decades, over the generations, the balance has shifted. Work plateauing at lower levels, travel getting faster. More families without children or having children later. Two-earner households. Fewer people involved in religious activities. The Internet and other technologies allowing us to change how we do a lot of things, how long they take.

There are present trends that I see moving into the future. A big one is the move towards a Living Wage, as opposed to Minimum Wage. That’s going to do a lot to make it so that some jobs become technological instead of employees (well, more than now) – and will change the sort of work people are doing as well. And it will also hopefully make it so that fewer people are working multiple jobs. And projections that more and more jobs are going to require at least some college education. All that taken together, to me, means that people are going to have more time and maybe a little more money on their hands.

For me to say that leisure is going to change, however, I think there’s also a change in priorities that have to change. After all, with so many things calling for our time, there’s always something else we could be doing. But I think that the opportunity for more leisure will be there, and I think that there are also compelling reasons for leisure to be a choice.

You see, as the population, the number of people working, and the effects of globalization all increase, I also see another effect coming to the fore. And that is that there are going to be people doing all sorts of work. Some of that will be as a main job, some of that as a side hustle perhaps. To the extent that, if we’re all doing both work and practical activities with the rest of our time, we’re stepping on people’s toes – people who do those things for a living.

I’m not sure how far I think it might go, but we might reach a point where we should be paying someone to do our yards, to do work on our houses, to do everything to our cars… to clean our houses? To do all these things that we could be putting our off-time into, but which are also ways that people make their livelihoods. I mean, it’s already true now – but as it becomes more and more of the economy, I think it’s going to matter more and more.

And I see such interesting things, as we travel. Uber and ride-sharing. Air BnB and home-sharing. And things like ordering your groceries to be delivered to your home. Changes in work. Changes in how we approach life. Side-hustles and making money to do other things with. Transitions, I think, to a future we might not completely recognize. And in that future, I think that we are going to have leisure time – and I think that we need to embrace this fact, not mock the people that decide to pursue leisure.


Weekend Coffee Share – Time Runs Out Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you where the time went. We’ve reached the end of my time home with the Geek Baby. We’re traveling for Thanksgiving this coming week (look out for some great contributor material!), and then the following week we’re working on transitioning into a home care situation.

And it’s not like the Geek Baby is all grown up and saving China, but it’s still sad to be at the end of this time I’ve had. We’re of course super grateful that we’ve found somewhere at all for her to be watched – one of us staying home full time would not be at all economically easy.

Thanks student loans.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you there’s a lot that I thought I was going to be able to get done during these several months. I’ve talked about much of it before. Well, none of it really went well.

For instance, there was my Warmachine Journeyman League. The League ended and… I was last place. Well, I guess second to last – there was someone who played one game. Some of it was most people played their most games the first week, and I missed the extra games session they were all at because I was working. After that, we played more points and the games were longer, and could play fewer in a week – so there was never a chance to catch up on games. Meanwhile, my starting army (chosen for me because it’s based on what they sell as the starting pack) was awful and I was losing all those games anyway… and winning later. Wasn’t enough to catch up at all.

And I got no painting done, which is funny since I got some done in advance of the League starting… I didn’t even get my new stuff I got for my birthday fully built. Although, started on that…

Getting somewhere finally with building my Prime Axiom! #convergenceofcyriss #warmahordes

A photo posted by @comparative_geeks on

Then there was the Superhero Entertainments class that Holly and I were taking online. Yeah, that ended up not happening past week two for us. There’s another session in the future, so who knows, maybe we’ll take it yet. Interesting – but finding the time to watch, take notes, visit the forums, do the quizzes… plus, watching stuff together it only counted as one of us watching stuff and they track that for completion, so we were going and having to basically have a device watch all the videos for us a second time.

Speaking of classes, there’s a class I’m doing online now as well for professional development that my work paid for. I’m at least off to an okay start there – though I’m going to have to do all of next week’s while traveling, pretty much. And I haven’t made it to the chat sessions yet as they’ve been the same time as doctor’s appointments for the Geek Baby.

Then there’s the sketching NaNoWriMo I was working on. Well, it was off to an okay start. Sketches, anyway, not completed drawings like I was hoping. I’m realizing that’s a lot of process – and I see why professionally it’s done by many people, and why webcomics have a spaced out schedule. There’s a lot to it.

And I eventually fell behind, discouraged, and stopped.

I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2… Fell off the completionist wagon there, and moved on to a variety of things. TV, where I finished my long-haul re-watching of Star Trek: The Next Generation at least. Oh, and watched Firefly and Serenity again. Then back to games and played a little Diablo 3 with the expansion… and then Fallout 4 most recently.

We have a stack of board games that we’ve bought, intending to play and finding them at a good price… that have yet to be played. We’ve had to stop ourselves from considering any more, really, until we give these a go…

And not a lot of reading even happened, though I’m hoping for a bit of reading time as we travel. Along with doing classwork. And trying to maybe get something written for a university publication by December 1. Oh, and vacationing.

If we were having coffee, I would fall into the cliche of having to say that watching a baby is a lot of work. We all know that as a haha, yep, that’s a thing sort of a fact… but in actual practice? Like, a LOT of work. TV and gaming tended to happen during naps, often with her asleep on me (or Holly, before me).

We’ve kept the blog going, at least… but any growth plans, including stronger coordination with the contributors, has not happened. Sorry, contributors. If you have any blog post ideas, please, I’m all ears. Or, well, fingers and eyes on the computer, I guess?

If we were having coffee, and thinking about contributors, I would point out that we haven’t been the only ones busy. Though I of course haven’t been doing much blog reading either, I am in touch with a number of other bloggers. Many are at the seasons in their life where their blogging plans are changing, or they are starting whole new blogs. Things have gone quiet over on Sourcerer.

And there are things I could have been trying to cram in – freelance work I was thinking I could do while home. I guess it’s good – I never really heard back from any of my clients on doing stuff either. So I guess I didn’t have an opportunity to find out if I could have pulled that off…

It’s like not just we have gotten really busy – everyone has. A lot of our peers and friends, people our age, are all starting to have kids as well. The Geek Baby is suddenly going to be just one of the oldest of a large group of kids. But that also means a likely change in the seasons of our life, as we move towards kiddo get-togethers and play days, things like that.

Where did the time go? Do you know?

Why Does Time Move Faster As We Get Older?

This is an age-old observation: time flies as you get older. That as a kid, time can’t move fast enough for you… you want to get older, or get to summer break, or just be done with school for the day… but those are all daydreams. And especially parents you hear talking about how their children’s lives have flown by. So there’s one group saying that time’s going so slowly, and one saying it’s flying by!

One of our favorite... or least favorite... sorts of clocks. Found this as the thumbnail to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-o4tZHwAww

One of our favorite… or least favorite… sorts of clocks.
Found this as the thumbnail to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-o4tZHwAww

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and it’s grown particularly apparent as we are expecting our first child this summer. I doubt this is an original sort of thought, and it’s certainly not scientifically proven… more of a hypothesis. Nonetheless, I would say I have an idea on the answer for why time flies as we get older. Let me know what you think at the end!

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Science Fiction Today – Transportation, Take 3

With our Science Fiction Today posts, we like to explore the ideas from Science Fiction and how they might come about in the world today, or in our near future. Because really, it’s more fun to think about today’s problems in terms of what they can become, rather than what they are now.

One of the topics we’ve talked about most with Science Fiction Today, meanwhile, is transportation. Maybe it’s because modern transportation is a drag – and maybe it’s because with the Internet, the world is getting smaller and we want to be able to travel like it is!

We’ve talked about transportation first in the face of the sequester, when they were worried about travel delays, and then when Holly was considering it after flying and having to wait. There are some advantages to flying – you can get stuff done, like reading, work, handheld games. Electronics have made this form of travel very versatile. Well, except for the take-off and landing…

I saw something this week that made me think about transportation a little bit differently, and I thought I would share it, continuing our ongoing consideration of science-fictional forms of transport – Today! Continue reading

How To Find the Time

There are too many things to read, watch, play, etc, there are just too many. I am sitting here tonight wanting to write a blog post because I love doing this. I love talking about the things that I love, but I also need to find the time to do the things that I love. Some of the problem is of my own making: I really enjoy doing too many things and want to teach myself to do more things.

I read a lot, actually reading too many books right now. David and I have cut back on the TV shows that we have chosen to watch, although we could never give up Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. Then this summer is creating an excellent conundrum of what movies to see, partly spending time and money, but having movies we really want to see and others we kind of want to see. Then there are video games which can take up so much time and suck you in for long hours. Then there are all those responsibility things such as work, chores, charity that need to get done as well. It can make a person crazy. Continue reading