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Avengers Alliance – Mobile Gaming Review

So, since we’re traveling soon, I was looking for some additions for mobile gaming for the trip. Free games are nice, as are pass-and-play games. There’s a new app for Pandemic, and we’ll have to report back about that later. There’s also pass-and-play for Ticket to Ride now, and more options now for Small World. So we’re excited for these.

Avengers Alliance

A free one I had downloaded but not actually tried was Avengers Alliance. This game was originally on Facebook, it seems, and so has a massive in-game store. But I’ve played Infinity Blade, and had a friend playing it and when he bought gold, he was disappointed because all it did was decrease playability – the game is in the unlocking. So the store shouldn’t be an issue, right?

I’ve played a bit of this game over the weekend, and I want to tell you about it – and then I have to ask, have any of you played it? I could use some input. So if you play Avengers Alliance, in particular, read on and let me know!

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Ticket to Ride

appIntroI liked Ticket to Ride, I had played, but not owned the game and enjoyed playing. I recently have fallen in love with Ticket to Ride in large part to being able to play the iPad app. David can tell you I am on the app a lot and will sometimes whip through a game in ten minutes. With the computer making the decisions the game goes much faster. It is such a great introductory game that is simple to explain, but still so much fun to play.

There is competition and strategy with some luck, but if you do not pick your cards well you are not going to do well. The board game is great because you have the little train pieces that you place on the board and you move your piece around the outside to count your points. The app is nice because it is portable and easy to play at any time, but it definitely has a different feel to playing the in real life board game. Continue reading